Impact Fix is not just a little ‘Love Tap’ in the middle of your chest and hips … butt of Grip pointing at your ‘Belly Button’. It happens in front of that mid and ‘Neutral Location’.

To feel a perfect ‘Impact Fix’ (combined Lower & Upper Body Machines), stand facing a door jamb in your ‘Full Swing, Slightly Forward Pre-Selected Ball Location’. The wall is parallel with your Shoulders. Of course, get your ‘5 Set-Ups’ fully attended to. (see Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment)(see ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc ... BOSA)(see Brace Lever Extensor Action)

With a mid Iron in hand, just tap the floor in the neutral position … no ‘Leg Drive’ involved. Next, sole of club in contact with the carpet, press it forward against the Target Side door jamb … with some ‘Leg Drive’ or ‘Pivot Pressure’. You will feel the transmitted ‘LBM & UBM pressure through your ‘Brace Lever Assembly’, down the shaft and into the door jamb. Imagine the ‘Through-ness’ (Delivery & Release Thru Impact Fix) of the real golf swing.

At this point, you should envision and feel the ‘RPM’. What the heck is that? Well, it is the ‘Perfect Timing’ when the ‘Lower and Upper Bodies’ get the ‘Sweet Spot’ to collide with and compress the ball at the precisely same moment in time. Remember, this collision is followed by the ‘Chase, Follow & Finish’. The door jamb will prevent this happening, but you must imagine it when the door frame is in the way. At ‘Impact Fix’ the hole in your Grip Butt points at your Target Hips Socket’. (see ‘Straight Line Target Lever … Sole to Shoulder Socket’)

Now step back 6 inches and accomplish the actual ‘Delivery & Release with that Chase, Follow Finish’.

Congrats on your ‘Impact Fix & RPM’!

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