No! I do not mean a ‘Tax Free or Charity Foundation’, but how we can survive making multiple golf strikes and have FUN being good and repetitive at this athletic sporting event. If we can make one great swing, we should be able to make two and many more in comfort and without common soreness or discomfort? (see Soft Tissue Injury – STI)

What is the foundation? Simple question with a simple answer! It is the ‘Pivot Engine’ that rules supreme and upon which our predictable success shall be built. We must learn this first!

Lay your Brace Hand, with an open palm across your Target Breast or chest. Next, lay your Target Palm across and on top of your Brace Elbow to Biceps. Add a little Knee Flex, bounce and natural ‘Forward Inclination’ into this simple equation. You will feel very ‘Golfsey’! That is a good thing!

Next, while looking at the Golf Ball or a spot on the floor, (Steady Head) and while breathing out, rotate or gently slide, your Brace Shoulder and Scapula Back & Up so that your back is fundamentally pointing roughly at the target, which means Down The Target Line. (DTL) Make this motion about a dozen repetitions in relatively ‘Slow Motion’. This involves the ‘Pivot or Rotary Golf or Human Core Engine’. It is imperative if you want to have FUN making golf strikes to precise targets.

When you are making this movement, you will notice that your Hips will naturally ‘Load Coil Rotate’ to the Brace Side about 30 to 45 degrees depending on your degree of flexibility. If it is a bit on the short side, don’t fret about that. Your ‘Range Of Motion’ (ROM) will improve relatively quickly.

Your Shoulders will also ‘Brace Side Load Coil Rotate’ about 30 to 45 degrees. The total is thus 60 to 90 degrees cumulatively. Once you achieve this ‘Load Coil Limit’, let it relax and return to and through your ‘Impact Fix, Address Ready or Ball Location Start Point’. Do this Front Swing Breathing Out!

So far, “Look Mom, No Hands!’ Next, drop your hands down and out, extended in front of your bladder. Clap and make the same ‘Load Coil Rotation’ to the Top Of Back Swing (TOB) and then ‘Down & Out’ with no ‘Spinal Variation’ (Stable Head & Spine) to the ‘Chase, Follow & Finish Position.

Next, as the saying goes, “Just Add Love!” As a substitute you might add the mass of a #7 or #8 Iron and make the very same swinging motion with that tool … ‘Back & Up and Down & Out’. Well done!