Questions are a direct and efficient method of learning and having more ‘Green Grass FUN’.

We all have the occasional ‘Quiet Moment’ in our days when we ponder a golf question. If they were not relevant and important, they would not be floating around in our conscious or subconscious minds.

Ignoring our quest for knowledge is a poor process. Where might we present and address such questions? It is best accomplished via recognized and respected ‘Golf Authorities’. There is a good supply of these professionals world-wide.

The ‘555 Team’ is certainly one of those respected resources … both ‘Live and Electronic’.

When is the last time you posed a question to a teaching professional? Don’t keep putting your questions aside. None is unimportant! They are really “Do IT Now!” tasks that seem far too easy to let slide. No question is unimportant!

Dr. Fischer will respond to or arrange for a prompt professional team response directly to you.

It is your parade and you should be driving your own bus rather than being a passenger!

Let your fingers do some talking! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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