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Let us say your ‘#PW Range is 120 to 130 yards’. That means if you strike it ‘Smoothly’ your ball might arguably travel 120 yards. If you go to your ‘Regular’ strike the outcome might be 125 yards and at ‘Firm’ your distance might be 130 yards. Having this ability is a really great asset, but we must earn it! If you need to hit it ‘One Hop Stop’ to 115 yards, you might need a ‘Regular #AW’ (also called a ‘Gap Wedge’).

We must each have a ‘Systematic Ability’ to hit our ‘Approach 5/10/15 Foot Circles’. We must be able to ‘Quadrant The Greens’ so as to enable our ‘Putting Up Hill to the Cup’. Those ‘Down Hill Sliders’ suck!

Over decades of successful teaching and satisfied students, your ‘555 Team’ designed and has promoted and used what we refer to as ‘The 5 Way To Shorten Your Distance’.

They are quite simply 1) Decelerate (NO NO), 2) Select a Shorter Club, 3) Narrow your Stance, 4) Shorten your Grip and 5) Body Clock to the required ‘Energy Stroke Length’. This is where simple ‘Mechanics’ rules supreme! All you have to do is ‘Set-Up For Success’. No particular ‘Swing Mechanical Changes Required’!

VERY IMPORTANT … All of these stroke procedures are ‘Stage 3’ (involving Wrist Cock & Pivot) so we must remember to apply our appropriate ‘Full Swing Pivot Pressure’. (see ‘Brace Toe Pressure or Thrust #1, #2 or #3). If we fail to provide adequate ‘Pivot Pressure’, our dispersion will become unpredictable … Go Left or Go Right! (see ‘Arms Over Legs’) (see ‘Lead & Lag Pressure’) (see ‘Clubface Aim’) (see ‘Clubhead Path’) (see ‘Flip-Handed Delivery’)

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