putting and chipping

If anything a golf authority tells you does not make sense, don’t do it until it makes sense!

Putting & Chipping involve two distinct skills that are closer to each other than one might think! “A Chip Is A Putt With A Hop!” You could actually hold your #8 Iron like your putter and make exactly the same stroke with confidence and success!

I only use my ‘Putting Grip’ for putting for various well-based reasons! Happy to answer your related questions!

The two distinct macro skills are ‘Science and Art’ … Mechanics and Green Reading … Speed and Line! Let us assume that your ‘Mechanics’ is sound or even perfect! That leaves us the ‘Art Form’ … a big intellectual swath that must be learned! The ‘8 Step Putting & Chipping Pre Shot Routine’ is boldly important! It comes with huge, imminent rewards!

Allow me to express two ‘Putting Truths’.

  1. During the ‘Last Third of the Putting Rolling Distance’, when the ball velocity is slowest, the ‘Ball Rolling Path’ breaks the most.
  2. People epidemically ‘Under-Read Their Breaks’. Any golf ball that is initially ‘Under The Hole’, below the break, has no chance of finding the bottom of the cup! Place or strategy to adopt? Early along your short game journey, double your breaks! Our ‘555 System’ will help you with ‘Weight, Speed and Distance’.

May I add one more point? ‘Static Stability Invites Dynamic Stability’! If you are not ‘Set-Up’ effectively (with a very quiet Captain Eyes and head – Top Of The Tether Ball Pole) you cannot have very powerful aspirations of being successful in this special end of the golf spectrum!

“Get Lucky Golf” is a fool’s errand or pastime!