chipping & pitching fundamentals in golf

We must strive every day in our golf pursuits to ‘Keep It Stupid Simple’! Our golf lives will improve with this approach and attitude. How important are our ‘Approach Shots’, strikes to those ‘5/10/15 Foot Circles’? Oh, what a rhetorical question! Any substantial golfer … ‘Player’ … can hit his or her circles! Produces really great ‘Putting Numbers’ needed to be a champion! (see ‘Quadranting Greens’)

So, let us look at ‘Chipping & Pitching’ if you don’t mind?

A Putt is all ‘Run or Ground Distance and Time.

A Chip Is A Putt With A Hop … created primarily by the factory ‘Loft’ or by the tool. A Chip is mostly Run (Ground Distance and Time) with very little ‘Air Distance and Time’.

A Pitch is more Carry or Air Time than ‘Ground, Run or Roll’. When you hit a really towering ‘Wedge Approach Shot’, the underspin can often cause the ball to get into reverse and back up upon touch down! That is supposed to be the ‘Pro Shot’. Let this savvy, golf authority tell you that the ‘Magical Approach Shot’ is the ‘Soft Landing, One Hop Stopper’! Where it touches down, it sticks! Predictable is good!

There are ‘Three Swing Stages’ in golf …

Stage One (Putting & Small Chips) has No Wrist Cock and No Pivot. The Engine is the Brace Shoulder’s going up and down. It is the Brace Scapula (Shoulder Blade) moving from neutrally extended towards or inwards to the Spinal Column or Axis. Time for a feel!

Stage Two (Bigger Chips and Bump & Runs) employs Wrist Cock and No Pivot. There is more Potential Energy stored in the Wrist Hinge that is naturally converted into ‘Kinetic or Active Energy’ in the Down Out Forward & Through (DOFT) phase. The Ball naturally and easily travels farther.

Stage Three (Knock Downs, Punches, Full Swings & Driver) involve Wrist Cock and Pivot Engine … Loading and Unloading of the Lower Body Machine Coil. (LBM or Core Horizontal R&R Engine)

Interestingly, the farther you move your Brace Hand Back & Up, the more ‘Potential Energy you load or store. The more energy you store, the more energy you can ‘Deliver & Release’ (ALSDR – Power Line Delivery Sequence) producing more Clubhead Speed and Distance!

Play well!