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The Target Hand & Lever CONTROLS the face of the Clubhead. The Brace Hand controls the ‘Ping Pong Paddle Face’. If the face is square to the ground and horizon, then your Brace Hand shall be as well! These components are thusly in what your ‘555 Golf Team’ refers to as ‘In A Neutral Position or Configuration’. (see ‘Turn, Vertical & Rolled’ [TVR] … Forearm Longitudinal Axis Action’)

Three options for the ‘Paddle Face’ are ‘Open, Square and Closed’ … also ‘Weak, Neutral and Strong’. The same variable circumstances apply to the ‘Golf Clubhead and Clubface Aim’. Three options for the ‘Back Of The Target Hand’ are also ‘Open, Square & Closed’.

If you enlist an ‘Open Clubface Aim’ and ‘Open or Weak Grip’ combination, you are very likely going to the ‘Weak Side Of The Target Line’. We recognize the influence of ‘Clubhead Path / Angle Of Attack’ and can discuss that more in the future. This focus is simply about ‘Grip and Clubface Aim’. One is a human agreement while the other is an equipment condition.

It is important to recognize that the ‘Neutral Wrist Hinge’ has the greatest ‘Bi-Directional Range Of Motion’ when in this ‘Neutral Wrist Hinge Condition’. (see ‘Fully Weak & Strong’ … going from Max Strong Brace Side thru Neutral - Vertical to Max Weak Target is a lot of motion margin of error)

If you ‘Set-Up’ a ‘Neutral Grip’ (considering both Target & Brace Hands to have this ability) and adjust your ‘Clubface Aim’ to ‘Closed or Strong’, you are very likely to accomplish a ‘Draw Hook Curvature and Outcome’. The opposite is also true … ‘Open & Weak’ can invite a ‘Fade Slice Curvature’!

The key point herein is that you can accomplish ‘Curvature In Both Directions’ with a ‘Neutral Grip’. By establishing a potent, suitable and specific ‘Clubface Aim’, you can ‘Work Your Golf Ball’ both ways.

You can augment your ‘Ball Flight Shape’ by secondarily adjusting your ‘Wrist Hinge Axis’. You know it can be both ‘Strong, Neutral and Weak’ as discussed in the ‘Ping Pong Paddle’ section above.

Again, the key is that your resulting ‘Range Of Motion Shape’ can be accomplished with ‘ONLY’ Clubface Aim’. You can accomplish a totally ‘Normal Straight Down The Line Strike’ with curvature. No point in making the situation more complicated with ‘Wrist Hinge and Other Tinkering’! A huge asset is that you made this predetermined ‘Ball Flight Outcome’ by adjusting one element - Clubface Aim! ‘Clubhead Path’ and more are still totally efficient ingredients!


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