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Path Options are 1) Inside-Out, 2) Square Square and 3) Outside-In. (‘Casting’)
Plane Options are 1) Above, 2) On and 3) Below.
This topic is about ‘Putting & Chipping’.

Once you have established your ‘5 Set-Ups’ (PASSIVE - Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment) you are ready to put your ‘5 Essential Elements’ (ACTIVE - Clubface Aim, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot & Angle Of Attack) into effective motion.

A really key point in making your ‘Putting Stroke’ (once properly Set-Up) is to move your ‘Shoulder Axis’ ‘On Path & On Plane’.

Just out of interest, this teacher feels like he ‘Moves his Brace Shoulder Back & Up’ (Back Swing) while initially ‘Dropping’ that shoulder ‘Down and Then Out’. There is a feeling of the Target Shoulder’s moving ‘Forward & Up’ reciprocal or in conjunction with the ‘Brace Shoulder’s very simple tasking.

A useful saying is to refer to the ‘Shoulder Axis’ as your ‘Rocking Chair Shoulders’. (‘Movement across your Adam’s Apple’ and NOT around your Cervical Vertebra.) is a good visual or image. Around The Spinal Column (Pivoting) invites ‘Casting’. (Path Issues)

Keep a ‘Stable Head and Spine’ at all times in this ‘Stage 1 Procedure’. (No Wrist Cock and No Pivot) If you alter your ‘Spinal Axis Angle’, (Pivot Engine) you shall alter your ‘Shoulder & Lever Path & Plane’. The tendency shall be to ‘Push and Pull’ the clubhead. (Inconsistency)

Remember, your ‘Stage 1 Engine’ is the ‘Up & Down Brace Shoulder’ and thus ‘The Controlled Movement Of Your Lever Triangles and Sweet Spot’.

Don’t forget to use your Captain Eyes while Breathing Out and using your little “& Word”!


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