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One can deliver a ‘Stiff Arm’ in football. Why not in golf too? Less brutality in golf!

All our dedicated ‘555 Golf Family’ who are tolerably scientific understand what a ‘Straight Arm’ is. We all understand what ‘The 11 Swing Sequences’ are. Well done! If you have questions, we have written a lot about these ‘11 Points In Space’ that are contained in both the ‘Back & Up and Down & Out Swings’.

Have you ever taken an opportunity to ponder where and what each ‘Hand, Wrist & Arm’ is doing during this ‘Two Way Journey’? More pointedly, when and where are the Target or Brace Lever Straight?

During Swing Sequences #1 (Impact Fix or Address Ready) through SS #5 (Top Of Back Swing) the ‘Target Lever Assembly is always ‘Extended or Straight. The Brace Lever is Bending or Bent on its way to TOB. (see ‘3 Lever & Single Action’. In this ‘Sweeping Back & Up Swing’ we are bending the ‘Shoulder Joint’ (PAJ #1 … Primary Articulating Joint … total 13), then progressively bending the Elbow Joint (PAJ #2) and finally we bend the Brace Wrist Hinge (PAJ #3)(see ‘Wrist Cock’)

During Swing Sequences #6 through SS #9 our Bent Brace Lever Assembly is ‘Straightening’. At about the point where our ‘Clubhead’ is approximately 45 degrees past or in front of the Ball Location (Extended), amazingly, both ‘the Target & Brace Lever Assemblies are ‘Straight’. Just a reminder, SS #8 is ‘Impact & Separation’. (see ‘Compression and Restitution’ … Ball Squashed Flat-ish returning to Round-ish) The ball is gone before ‘Straighten Occurs’.

After that pre SS #9 (Extension with the shaft Horizontal to the ground) we continue transitioning with what we refer to as ‘Chase, Follow & Finish’. (see ‘SS #10 Top Of Front Swing - TOF’) In this ‘Front Swing Sequence’, the Brace Lever has, just past ‘I&S’ and become ‘Straight’ while the Target Lever has ‘Reached’ a progressively, reflexive ‘Bent Status’ (1 Shoulder, 2 Elbow & 3 Wrist Hinge – PAJ)

So, the only time in the swing space (Orbit) when both ‘Levers are Extended or Straight’ is ‘SS #1’ (Impact Fix or Address … before Sweeping Take-Away) and just past ‘Impact & Separation’. (I&S or SS #8a). It is significantly important that this mutually cooperative ‘Extension’ actually occurs in a normal relatively relaxed state of ‘Triangular Lever Assemblies’. (‘Breathing Out’ … DDDB) and with fully ‘On Deck Captain Eyes’. (Ocular Acuity) This golf swing is highly dynamic and precisely demanding. You are better off now knowing when ‘Both Levers Are Straight’ but do not have to be!


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