Over The Top – Transition

Let us embrace the scientific fact that ‘Over Swinging’ is often a negative characteristic. (Across The Line – Below Parallel) ‘Under Swinging’, not completing the Back Swing, is also a negative if you have pre-selected ‘A Full Swing Procedure’. (incomplete Swing Sequence #5)

Add the fact that ‘Muscular Tension’ is a very negative element. One can get ‘Tight From Toe-Nails To Finger-Nails’. (see ‘Tetanous’) This golf death knell interestingly generally starts between the ears. Practical golf knowledge, evolving into ‘Experience and Wisdom’ creates ‘Confident, Comfortable & Consistent’. (see ‘the 3 C’s – Trust & Relaxation)

We generally know that swinging a ‘Bigger Golf Back Swing Wheel’ (see ‘Arc, Width & Circumference’) is beneficial … more duration to accomplish Clubhead Speed. It is relevant that the ‘Back & Up Swing’ is the “Dress Rehearsal” to the ‘Down & Out Swing’. Feel that reality!

Another very successful ‘Front Swing’ 555 Golf point of view or observation is the fact that ‘The Top Segment of your DOFT or Front Swing’ is moving the ‘Clubhead Mass’ AFT or away from the ‘Intermediate or Far Target’. (see ‘Retreating’) It is helpful to know that the ‘Center Of Mass’ (‘Sweet Spot’) does not move forward, advance on the Target, until this ‘Metal Tool’ drops into the ‘Bottom Half Of The Swing Circle’. (see ‘Swing Sequence #7’)

A useful and respectful question please? Why would you want to ‘Step On The Gas Pedal or Accelerator when your vehicle is going or headed the wrong way … or your clubhead is above the ‘Horizontal Motion Equator’? ‘LBM’ Above or Over Plane’ is simply counterproductive.

Allow me to tell you this please? What matters most in the golf swing event? Simple answer is ‘Impact & Separation’ with controlled components and adequate ‘Clubhead Speed’. (see ‘Swing Sequence #7 – Pre-Impact through SS #8 and through the ‘Intermediate Target’. The foundational ‘Golf Procedure’ is ‘The Punch Basic Skill’. Master your ‘Punched #8 Iron’! That will make you a happy golfer! What if you can launch, carry and run that stick about 150 yards under control? Do your math! 3 x 150 = 450 yards will take care of most Par 4’s in the world! Next make really trusted ‘Short Game’ swings … Pitching, Chipping and Putting and it’s a Par.

We often hear and experience that the real challenge in making ‘I&S’ is our ‘Transition’ … the change in direction at ‘The Top Of The Back & Up Swing’. (see ‘SS #5’)(see ‘The “&” Word’)

Many very good golf specialists look at this ‘Event’ but fail to effectively evaluate the ‘Cause & Effect’. The ‘Lateral Bump’ is far less understood than might be beneficial to the ‘Great Game’. Transition is a really misunderstood simplicity. Thus, it is very often botched up in real time and clubhead speed! It should be smooth and accomplished in comfort.

Allow me to converse for a moment about two of my ‘Life-Long Mentors’?

Firstly, Murray Irwin ‘Moe’ Norman at ‘Impact Fix’ (prior to triggering his take-away, depending on his club selection) had about 12 to 20 inches between his ‘Sweet Spot’ and the ‘Ballistic Point’ of his golf ball. (see ‘The 555 Golf Red Dot’)

He explained that this was a learned procedure that really worked for him. He was already pretty deeply into his ‘Take-Away’ when he triggered his extended sweeping ‘Back & Up Swing’. Less time and distance for wristy error! This also reduced his ‘Net Clubhead Travel Distance’. For Mr. Norman, the slightly more compact golf swing was an asset and NOT a disadvantage. His ‘Transition’ was flawless and highly reliable, one of the elements of his quite well-known and appreciated ‘Moe Magic’! Miss him a lot! His contributions were noteworthy and memorable!

Secondly, Jim Furyk had a highly personal and unique swinging motion and discipline. He was purpose-driven … had an ‘Over The Top Casting’ tendency that came with a well-known price. Jim’s father was his primary golf coach. How did that work? If you look at his career earnings (not including commercial sponsorships) pretty well! He is in the top 10 all-time world earners!

A bit of a ‘Quirky Swing’ technique? YES! Would he ever change it? NO! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it or you shall make fewer trips to the bank!

Could we learn from Mr. Furyk as we just did from Mr. Murray ‘Pipeline’ Norman? Absolutely! They both made simplistic, actionable changes that worked for them and stuck by their guns!

How might Jim help us mortals, after all, the ‘Over The Top Casting Tendency’ is chronic! If you were also to ‘Set-Up’ efficiently and normally, and then ‘Sweep’ your clubhead away to the outside of the ‘Neutral Clubhead Path’, you would accomplish that ‘Outside Looping Take-Away’. What is the secondary or reciprocating result of this ‘Outside Take Away’? The Inside Looping, Inside-Out or Under-Plane Clubhead Path’. As you well know, this ‘Rerouting’ is counter to the ‘Faded Slice Death Move’ for so many nice folks who would like to golf better!

The conventional golf swing is highly ‘Transitional’. It is quite ‘Cause & Effect or scientifically complex. Note that the ‘Looping or Rerouting Swing’ provides a very simplified ‘Change In Direction’ with a predictable ‘I&S Zone’. Furyk’s swing is simply efficient and worthy of consideration!

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