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Your ‘555 Team’ is always thinking about terms like ‘The State Of Our Energy Realm’. Are we in the ‘Active & Passive’ or ‘Static & Dynamic’ modes? Are we increasing or decreasing our ‘Energy Level’? Are we ‘Accelerating or Decelerating’ … going faster or slower?

Our entire ‘Golf Swing’ is about ‘Components & Procedures’ … Parts and their Purpose.

When this writer views the golf swing, especially with today’s very common, hyperactive ‘HSVC’ (High Speed Video Capture) whereby we can view ‘The Real-Life Sum Of The Parts’, he is observing the ‘Going & Stopping Relationship’ of the ‘Components & Procedures’. If something is ‘Accelerating’, another part is relatively ‘Decelerating’. (see ‘Basic Newtonian Laws of Physics’)

For a moment, please consider or recall our ‘Power Line Delivery Sequence’ … Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’ or ‘ALSDR’. This is very much about ‘Going & Stopping’.

Consider the ‘Bull Whipping Phenominon’. The ‘Leading Handle’ (a component) accelerates with the ‘Tip’s Lagging’ or following. This ‘Handle’ ultimately decelerates and stops allowing or enabling the ‘Tip to pass and become ‘Super-Sonic’. (see ‘Slinging’ and ‘Angular Momentum’)

Elemental characteristics like ‘Range Of Motion and Torque’ are tangible factors worth considering. The human body is a type of ‘Musculo-Skeletal Machine’. (see ‘Bones, Soft Tissue & Joints’)

Think about the ‘Front Swing’ (see ‘Down Out Forward & Through’ - DOFT). The ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM-Core-Bull Whip Handle) ‘LEADS’ the ‘LAGGING (Bull Whip Tip) Upper Body Machine’ (UBM - Shoulder Sockets, Upper arms, Elbows, Forearms, Wrists, Hands and the actual Golf Club (see ‘Secondary Lever’). If it were not for the ‘Going & Stopping Of The Bull Whip Handle’ (The Golf Club Grip), the incredible ‘Accelerating of the Sweet Spot’ would not enable ‘Energy Transfer from the Clubhead Mass’ to the Ballistic Point of the Golf Ball’. (see ‘Bottom Inside Cheek - BIC). ‘Golf Component Speed Differential’ matters!

When something (a Component) is speeding up, another Components is slowing down. Hips stop before Hands in both directions! (see ‘The Balsa Airplane Concept’) If one can envision the ‘Bull-Whipping Analogy’ knowledge and intellectual ground is being gained!

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