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The Step Step Drill

Align properly using two ‘Ground Sticks’. Stand with your feet square and separated about 4 to 6 inches. Flare your Target Foot 45 to 55 degrees. This is essential to inviting and causing your Target Hip to Clear or Retreat Aft and thus make room for the advancing thrusting Brace Leg and Hip. You must ‘Steer So You Can Clear’.

The drill is now to Step Brace about 6 to 8 inches in a very controlled ‘Take-Away’. This ‘Step Length’ depends on your ‘Club Selection … long shafts require a slightly longer step and width.

Next, Step Target about 6 to 8 inches maintaining the ‘Target Foot Flare’. This step is equivalent to the ‘Bump Move’ so often and importantly talked about. It provides the ‘Lateral Shift’ that triggers the ‘Horizontal Rotational Front Swing Engine’. Baseball pitchers and batters ‘Step In’.

If you have the right amount of ‘Target Foot Flare’ you will have the right amount of ‘Hip Rotational Delivery to the Target Side’ through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. You should accomplish about 45 degrees ‘Open-ness’ and after the ‘Chase Follow Finish you may have accomplished a ‘Full 90 Degrees’ or slightly more depending upon your ‘Fitness’.

This Bullet-Proof Step Step Drill is very revealing and a useful, mechanically sound ‘Tempo and Timing Drill’. Use it often! Remember, Hips LEAD and Hands LAG. Target Foot Flare matters!

During this ‘B-P Drill’ you must be looking at a ‘Precise ‘Visual Target’ … Blade Of Grass or the ‘Bottom Inside Cheek’ (‘BIC Dimple’). This is essential to ‘Top Of Pivot Stability’ and ‘Impact Control’!

Why do we play golf in the daylight? So we can see the ball! ‘Ocular Acuity’ matters!

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