The Core Golf Task

Short Game

The primary task when you are still ‘Off The Green’ is to ‘Get the ball on the Dance Floor behaving like a Putt as soon as possible’. Might I add that you must truly believe in yourself!

When out in the ‘Approach Zone’ we should focus precisely on the 5/10/15 Foot Circles. From there we can make good things happen more often than not! Smaller circles make for improved ‘Putting Stats’.

When out in the ‘Approach Zone’ we will be well-served to ‘Quadrant The Greens’. By that, your 555 Team means ‘Gunsighting The Green’ or breaking it into ‘Four Quadrants’ of approximately the same area or size. (see ‘Cross Hairs’)

The ball will be resting in one of these quadrants.

You want to strive diligently to get your ball ‘Below The Hole’ so you can ‘Putt Up-Hill’. Being directly below the cup is even better. Having straight putts is a very good habit or objective! Plan on it!

“All Putts Are Dead Straight!” is still a truth. Strive to roll the ball straight to the ‘Off-Set Point’ or ‘Top Of Break’ (With Proper Weight or Energy) and then allow ‘Mother Nature’ to do the rest for you!

When you are ‘Chipping or Bump & Running On’, fly the ball into a ‘12 Inch Landing Circle’. You shall determine and practise this ‘Landing or Touch Down Spot’ by using a small Dish Towel or even a folded golf towel. A loop of string will work! Golf is a game of precision. Precision is Fun!

Do you know that many efficient golfers predominantly use their 56 to 58 degree Wedge for these ‘Short Game Procedures’. Not my favourite method, but you are the boss of ‘Your Moss’!

The 555 Team has a trusted saying … “Loft Is Not Your Friend Around The Green!” With more trajectory there comes more risk! The most dangerous shot in golf may well be the very high and soft ‘Flop Shot’. You already know that to be true! Remember, our goal is to get the ball on the Dance Floor as soon as possible and behaving like a ‘Putt’. Be open-minded and perfect the ‘Bump & Run’ using minimal or less loft. Putt when you can! This authorities’ preferred stick is his #8 Iron with the ball a little aft in his ‘Stance’ and a Parallel Alignment, especially with the Shoulder Axis. (see ‘Raking The Grass Chip Shot’) The III Wood or a Hybrid will work but you must ‘Choke Dow’ or shorten your grip.

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.


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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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