award winning golf academy Plano Texas

The ad read … “As of 11:37 last night we had provided 10,263 golf miracles to citizens like you!” Wow! Can these advertisers ever keep track of their statistics! If they are that good at numbers, they surely will provide solid product, education and value?

“Advanced nuclear physics doctor gained 51.63 yards with his driver in only two days! ONLY $6.00 per month might also gain you that much or more!” When there is a flavour of ‘Nuclear Physics’ in our golf, we may even be able to calculate our increased distance to three decimal places … 51.637 yards if you buy our tricked up digital range finder? Is that just ‘Carry’ or ‘Total Distance’? That kind of accurate gain has to be worth $6.00 per month!

Question? Does that factor Temperature, Humidity, Wind Vectoring and how tightly we have cinched up our undergarments and shoelaces as well as the weight of our new golf glove? With three decimal places, there has to be a formula that includes all these factors? Pretty amazing!

WOW! I too have heard enough!

Not sure about you, but keep your three decimal place read-outs. I will take ‘Straight Over Long’ any day! Keeping my drives in the short grass and out of the hazards is a really good goal every round! You might be well served and suited to play a little farther up front?

Even if the ‘Electronic Golf Device’ is price tagged at $15,000.00 and it is extrapolated to three decimal places and a dozen data categories covering an entire page, “Who Really Cares?”

Good ‘Snake Oil’ should not mask your pain but reduce and or fix it?