Mind Over Matter

We can make a myriad of ‘Mental Errors’ during every round of golf or any period of ‘Human Occupational Challenge’. That is just our human nature fed by an abundance of curiosity and fear!

Remember we have only three ‘Human Tenses’ which over wrap our entireties! We can be enveloped in the ‘Past, Present and Future’. ‘The Past’ should reinforce our experiential and learning background. The more acutely we engage recall, the more effectively we can avoid repeat performances of negative events. We really can learn from our mistakes!

‘The Future’ can invite ‘Expectations’ and, if allowed to run ‘Amuck’ (out of control) can produce ‘Fear’ as a direct byproduct or outcome. I can assure you that ‘The Great Game’ is not well-served being washed in ‘Fear or Negative Energy’. Let me please tell you that, if you get to much ‘Out In Front Of Yourself’, you shall fall pretty to what your ‘555 Team’ refers to as ‘Outcome Golf’. “Oh, I need a birdie in the worst way!” This is truly ‘Negative-Outcome-Mindedness’. Not a happy place!

‘The Present’ is our friend. There is no fear in the ‘Present Tense’, just occupational energy. If you can wrap yourself up in ‘The Present’ you shall be blessed with what ‘The Team’ properly refers to as ‘Process Golf’ … just being in the ‘NOW!’ … Turning Back & Up, Transition followed by the properly activated ‘Down & Out’. You can almost turn your brain off and just ‘Let This Happen Reflexively’!

If you get too engrossed in the ‘Minutia Of The Golf Swing’ (The Micro Mechanics), you will not be able to ‘Feel The Steel’ with any ‘Timing, Tempo or Rhythm’. Numb hands and a paralyzed brain are very poor bedfellows! You know that great shots just seem to happen!

It is good advice from me to you … ‘Avoid Negative Thoughts’! Expect to accomplish your vision! What can I do to invite this reward? Always make every shot based on your ‘5 Set-Ups’ and supported by your ‘Pre Shot Routine’. They are your insurance policies! Define intentions and goals! Expect them to happen! ‘Never Strike Golf Ball Without A Distinct or Precise Target … Somewhere To Go!’

Use your ‘10 Second Rule’ liberally! Don’t get angry! Take a DDB (Deep Diaphragmatic Breath) and count to 10! Hum, whistle or sing a few bars of your favourite song! Be happy where you are! There are a lot worse places than 150 acres of grassy heaven shared with a couple or three friends! If you play well, they may have to buy the meal and drinks! Expect that!

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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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