We all know that each ‘Mile Per Hour Increase In Driver Clubhead Speed’ (Impacting The Center Of Mass - Center Of Face) rewards us with about 2.5 yards of Air Time Distance. Forget all the ‘Ambient Temperature, the Sea Level Pressure Gradient and Relative Humidity “STUFF”. That minutia does not matter to the throngs of nice people who golf and yearn for a little more distance off the tee! Thus, a 4 MPH increase times 2.5 generally produces an extra 10 yards. Not a bad goal for each one of us? There is more than one way to accomplish this physical feat!

You could work ‘Grindingly’ on your fitness and Range Of Motion. Maybe not this month!

You and ‘The 555 Team’ get all these foibles and variables! They are real world!

How about a little ‘Personal Work Smart Mental Management’? You might rightfully call it ‘Course Management’? Your ‘555 Team’ has good clinics and lessons on ‘Course Management’.

You might read articles and watch videos for hours and hours about ‘How To Increase Your Distance Off The Tee Box’. Not bad if you have the time and desire! “Come on Dr. Fischer, heck, I just want to hit farther not work harder!”

Here is the logical or smart option that requires only a brain-flash ‘Work Smart Decision’.


By only the above first paragraph math, if the “Tournament Tees” are three decks or boxes farther from the flagstick than are the Forward Blocks, you are 30 yards closer or shorter. Divide 30 by 2.5 Yards Per MPH and you will discover your ‘Slower and More Comfortable Driver Swing Speed’ will make you happier! 30 yards divided by 2.5 is the equivalent of 12 miles per hour more Clubhead Speed. Logic! Move ‘Up Front’ and get the equivalent of an instant 12 MPH increase in physical prowess and capability. You are now a ball pounding athlete!

Not a bad outcome for a simple decision?

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