It Happens All The Time!

A ‘Blow-Up Hole’ is a Bogie, Double Bogie or Other depending on your perspective. I was going to write “At An Inopportune Time” but when is an “Other” opportune?

There really must be a reason ‘Blow Up Hole Happen All The Time’. ‘Cause & Effect’ are alive and well in the golf mental and mechanical. When you make a mistake, take a moment to evaluate it methodically. That will give you hope for not soon repeating the same error.

So, the next consideration is “WHY?” ‘Others’ are usually a ‘Piling On Of Errors’ … two or three negatives usually in close proximity! They happen because of ‘Lapsis Memorae’, ‘Failures To Focus & Concentrate’, ‘Failures To Be In Touch With Nature’s Elements … wind direction and velocity’,’ ‘Failures To Accomplish what we know is needed to invite success such as our Pre-Shot Routines’ (PSR), ‘Failure to Abide by our known and proven ‘555 Methodology’ and more similarly easy activities that have so often proven beneficial in the past. When is the last time you did NOT make a ‘Full 8 Step Putting & Chipping Pre Shot Routine’? (PSR)

We teachers all get reality. “The guys were getting impatient and I did not want to hold them up any further!” If the outcome of a dedicated ‘PSR’ is a ‘One Putt’ vs. a 2 or 3 jack, who can really complain about a ‘Ball & Sticker’ who has a ‘PSR’? A ‘Putting PSR’ (including the actual stroke) may take two minutes wherein you have sole control of the ‘Dance Floor’? Remember, as long as you are not interfering, you can be doing some of your ‘PSR’ while the other golfers are involved in their routines … or NOT!

Something to think about? Your Short Game (Putting & Chipping PSR & Outcomes, using your ‘12 Inch Landing Circle’) was stellar today! Chipped in twice for ‘ZERO PUTTS’. Total ‘Putting Strokes’ was 28. The closest of the three playing partners was 34 … still pretty decent! Let’s get real and functional! Six less ‘Putts’ at 2 minutes each saves 12 minutes. Don’t let anyone throw you off by bitching about your being slow! More ‘1 Putts and no 3 Putts’ will make the guys less talkative! Fewer ‘Blow-Ups’ makes them like one of those quiet ‘Church Mice’!

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Primary Set-Up Tasks

Human Parts Properly Positioned In Time & Space Baseline facts: 1) Putting and small Chipping are Stage 1 Procedures (No Wrist Cock and No...


To excel in the ‘Great Game Of Golf’ one must have the necessary ingredients so the recipe can unfold and cook efficiently and with expected...
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Scapular Stability

The Shoulder Blades How does one eat an elephant? “One Bite At A Time!” Let’s try to keep this topic and information as simple as possible. This...
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Covering the Ball

What do you mean by covering your bed with a comforter or blanket? What do we mean by placing an umbrella over a backyard table to screen out the...
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More Chipping

As you know, we call our proven ‘Ball Striking’ programmes ‘The 555 Golf Progressive Procedures’. What does that mean? Quick review! Firstly, two...

Earn Your Own Success

Your learned ‘555 Team’ knows you have aspirations. Having hope is a blessing? Earn your own success! Plan for it to land on your doorstep! If you...
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Putting & Chipping Yips

This is a pretty well-know golf Short Game Affliction. Your ‘555 Team’ has studied and written copious amounts about this ailment. Of interest is...
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Practice Swings

Wow! So much could be written or discussed about ‘Components & Procedures’ … The 5 Set-Ups … Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location and Alignment...
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Food For Thought

A Plate Full Of Primarily Chipping 1)     Definition: A Putt is all roll … all ‘Ground Time’ and no ‘Air Time’. A Chip is a...
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‘Perfection Is Often and Generally Unattainable’ and is ‘Food For Frustration’! This ailment tends to be masochistic. Avoid falling on your own...

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