How can we stay relatively tuned-in over the winter? Make up your mind to keep ‘Golf Mentally and Physically Active’ in specific ways. Layer up and find a local radiant heated hitting bay. Just go ‘Do IT!’ Always practise with a plan!

Here are 10 suggestions.

  1. Read your twice-weekly ‘555 Golf Newsletter’! It’s FREE!
  2. Do you ‘Slow Motion Drills regularly!
  3. Work on your ‘RPM Drill’,
  4. Feel you specific ‘Golf Swing Sequences’ and remember that feel!
  5. Use your ‘Swing Fan’ three times a week for 100 reps each session,
  6. Get out and ‘Putt & Chip’ every week (30 minutes) … more than once if possible, while using your ‘8 Step Putting & Chipping Pre-Shot Routine’. (PSR)
  7. When it is below freezing or is snowy, go to your local ‘golf specialty store’ and rent one of their ‘Hitting Cages or Simulators’.
  8. Think about how good your swing really is or can be!
  9. Work on thinking efficiently. (see ‘Imagery’)
  10. Practise Green Reading all winter … in fact ‘Forever’!

Your local golf clubs will be very helpful in your ‘Staying Tuned In’ endeavours! They want you back fully active in the Spring! I bet the coffee or hot chocolate is FREE?

‘Putting & Chipping’ is no big deal, right? Wrong! Remember … “I Drive As I Putt!”

How productive can you be in as few as 30 minutes? Get up off your butt and get your feet and hands in motion! Remember your “& Word” for ‘Timing’ and making good fluid swings … small and big. Hit balls at precise targets! “If you have nowhere to go, you will go nowhere!”

Fly to a warm place for three days of warm golf … once a month! Dreaming is allowed!

Think how beneficial ‘Fresh Air and Exercise’ is to we stressed humans!

When is the last time you just went and had a good conversation with your teaching professional? Buy him or her a light lunch! That gesture will go a very long way towards your success and happiness! Very few golfers can ‘Go It Alone’!

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