3 Golf Keys

Firstly, there are no ‘Hogan Secrets’, just Newtonian Science, dedication to those truths and determination! The sooner we grasp this foundation, and make a fair number of ‘Smart Reps’, the sooner we shall ‘Own A Golf Swing’ … our own golf swing!

Let us clearly define the ‘Three Part Golf Machine’ in order to accomplish a basic understanding. The three parts are 1) The Lower Body Machine (LBM), 2) The Upper Body Machine (UBM) and 3) The Mind Machine (TMM). There shall be controversy over which is the dominant aspect, but that will continue over time! Your ‘555 Team’ thinks our ‘5 Set-Ups’ are and shall remain relevant in any such discussion. (see ‘Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment’)

KEY #1 … The ‘Body Core or Spinal Pivot Engine’ (LBM) is of huge importance. If you can get this aspect right, you are blessed and shall be rewarded. The LBM creates exclusively the ‘Horizontal or Round & Round Motion’. It establishes the ‘Top and Bottom of the Swing Arc’ and much more. (see ‘The Tether Ball Pole Concept’)

To define and examine the ‘Pivot Engine’ lay your retracted (not extended) ‘Lever Assemblies’ across your chest … Brace Arm in contact (proximal) and Target over the Brace. This done, press or connect your Brace Foot into the ground with some ‘Knee Flex’ and ‘Spinal Forward Inclination’. (see ‘Plunking’) Now rotate your ‘Brace Shoulder Back & Up to a condition of comfortable and moderate ‘Tension’. Your ‘Brace Shoulder’ shall have pulled behind your head (Top Of Pivot) while your Scapulae shall have rotated (Load Coiled) towards the ‘Target’. (see ‘Turn & Lift’)(see ALSDR – Accumulate. Load, Store, Delivery & Release … The Power Line Delivery Sequence)

It is important to understand that the ‘Front Swing’ is accomplished ‘From The Inside-Out’ and From The Ground Up’. The Back Swing is logically the opposite mechanical event. We wind-up our big ‘Body Rubber Band’ ‘Front The Outside-In’ and From The Top Down’. (see ‘The Balsa Airplane Concept’ … The Brace Hand is the Tip Of The Propeller. It simply ‘Sweeps Back & Up’ into a condition of ‘Tension’.)(see ‘Turn & Lift’)

KEY #2 … The ‘Transition or Lateral Bump’ involves our releasing ‘Load Coil’ and slightly, naturally ‘Sitting Into Our Target Hip’. During this process, the Hips are ‘Rotating or Coiling the Shoulders’ and not the other way around. Again, the Front Swing is ‘From The Inside-Out’ and ‘From The Bottom Up’. We still make this subtle and initial ‘Core Move’ with our arms across our chest with no golf club or tool. (Time For A Feel)

KEY #3, with no ball as yet, is ‘Impact’ … the ‘Target-ward Rotation’ of our LBM is through the yet imaginary ‘Ball Location and Bottom Of Swing Arc’. During this primary ‘Front Swing’ interval, the Target Leg straightens (Knee Flex being released), while the Target Hip Socket moves aft or back, away from the ‘Target and/or Body Lines’. (see ‘Alignment’)(see ‘The Swapping Pockets Drill’) Your ‘555 Team’ refers to this as ‘Target Posting’ or the transition of the ‘Golf Body Machine’ to being atop of the Target Femur with the belt buckle pointing at the ‘Far Target’ … Pivot Engine or Hip Energy having been fully ‘Delivered or Released’ … the horizontal rotational job having been accomplished … energy spent!

Let’s add the ‘Upper Body Machine’ or ‘Lever Assemblies’. From KEY #1, let’s allow our ‘Lever Assemblies’ to extend (Straighten) and drop to about ‘Hip Height’. Now sweep, Turn & Lift’ the ‘Brace Hand’ ‘Back & Up’ (about Head High) to where one might feel like the ‘Brace Thumb’ is sticking in one’s ear. At this point in time and space, the Brace Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Hinges will be ‘Bent. ‘Do not ‘Overswing’! That can become a substantial error!

Let’s add a little more golf physiology. While ‘Pivot Load Coiled’, with our ‘Brace Thumb stuck in our Brace Ear’, without moving our Brace Hand, reach up and back with the Target Hand and join it with the Brace Hand. Even though we have not added a golf club as yet, we are very much into proper ‘Top Of Back Swing’ (TOB) form … On Path and On Plane. Pretty big accomplishment!

This is when we dynamically accomplish KEY #2, the ‘Transition’, during which we allow our ‘UBM’ (Lever Assemblies’) to ‘Drop Gravitationally’ from TOB down and into what is commonly referred to as ‘Into The Slot’. (see ‘Swing Sequence #6 and #7 … Pre-Impact)

Through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’, we apply ‘Brace Leg Drive’ … Brace Pivot Pressure or ‘Push Force’ through the ball. At the ‘BOSA’, our ‘Bent Brace Lever Assembly’ shall be fully extended or straightened. (see ‘The Bend & Straighten Drill’)

We conclude a successful ‘Clubhead Trip’ (Target Posted) with our standard ‘Breathing Out, Chase, Follow & Finish In Balance’. (see ‘Pulmonary Pressure’ and ‘Power’)

So, now you know “More Of The Endless Story!”

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