There are some perplexing situations and conditions in this very special occupation, such as ‘Being Afraid, hitting ‘Shanks’, being annoyed by ‘Slices’ with your long sticks, ‘Pulling the Wrong Club’ from your bag, failing to accomplish your ‘Pre Shot Routine’ as so strongly suggested or demanded by your sooth teacher, ‘Arriving Late’ for a precise, published Tour Tee Time, failing to sign your score card … and more!

Of course, you cannot ‘FIX’ any of these in retrospect. As the page of history turns it has been completed! There are ‘No Do Overs’! Perhaps, as an option, we might be satisfied by simply ‘Learning From Our Mistakes’? That is certainly a prudent ‘Slow Fix’!

We teachers can only share knowledge and experience. That gift should enlighten our scribes!

Once one understands ‘Ball Flight Shape’ (Mechanics) … how to control Distance & Direction … Trajectory and Parabola … Curvature (X Axis Spin Rate), one can then at least venture in the direction of ‘Fixing ‘IT’ Fast’ … lonely independence! … bull by the horns gutsy!

Unless your ‘Golf Teacher’ is your caddie, he cannot coach you during the actual round.

In this manner golf can be a touch lonely at times! What is happening to me?

Have you ever felt like an abandoned athletic ‘Island’?

Whatever your experience, you are not alone!

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