Beginner Tips

A: Master One Golf Club … Your Putter First

New golfers must initially learn the generic golf swing … small to big. One can quickly improve on the driving range and golf course by just swinging one club for most of your current strikes and practice routine. For example ‘One Clubbers’ might play nine (9) complete holes with the #8 Iron. That means ‘Putting, Chipping, Bump & Run, Punch, Pitch and Full Swing’ with it! If you make your ‘Dance Floor’ strike or stroke ‘Thin’ it will perform acceptably end over end and find the bottom of the cup. This novel approach to mastering your golf game is FUN. Try it!

The goal of golf is to move the little, white golf ball a distance until you ‘Hole Out’. You need not keep score. Just play the hole as it unfolds for you! As you improve, add one more club and keep working. In this ‘Progressive Manner’ you shall comfortably get to your Driver.

This is a simple tip and trick for beginners to avoid making poor strikes and large numbers on the score card. Put your ego aside and hit one club for a while. This eliminates the need for a golf bag. The “What club do I hit?” question evaporates.

B: Perfect Your Approach and Short Games

These two aspects are ‘The Mother Load Of Golf’. They include all shots from your ‘Full Swing #PW (Approach Game) down to the shortest Putt. Your ‘Short Game’ really includes all shots inside of your ‘Full Swing Pitching Wedge’ onto the Green. The ‘Kick In Birdie’ is a ‘Short Game Stroke!

The key word herein is ‘Progressive’. Learn and grow your golf logically … short to long!

C: Volume Repetition … Practice Sessions Build Synapsis

Synapse is about ‘Brain controlled Neuro or Neuron Firing Order’. There is no such thing as “Muscle Memory”! Muscle fibrillae have no memory cells! Only the brain remembers. Smartly planned practice embeds or establishes each shots DNA into you ‘Cerebral Computer’. Let me please tell you that great golf strikes are largely ‘Autonomic or Subconscious’ … ‘Select the software or shot programme, trigger and go with a ‘Turned Off Brain’! Hit your check-points!

You already know how important our ‘5 Set-Ups’ (Passive or Static) and ‘5 Essential Elements’ (Active or Dynamic) are, so include them in every procedure! You shall be lifetime rewarded!

The fastest way for a beginner to get better at golf is to put in hard work. This requires several days of fairly high-volume practice repetitions. Golf is about doing ‘IT’ right once, knowing why and the doing ‘IT’ again. Do not ‘Over Practise’! Quality trumps quantity!

It is dramatically imperative that you design and use both a ‘Pre-Shot and Post-Shot Routine’. If you do not know ‘What & Why’, your growth shall be stunted and frustrating!

You need to practise two or three sessions between each round or nine-hole half round.

Remember ‘Mechanics Builds Feel’. ‘Feel’ does not efficiently build ‘Mechanics’. High strike volume alone is not the shortest distance to the ‘Golf Pot Of Gold’.

Our ‘555 Golf Body Clocking’ (Energy Management) is of manifold value. Learn it soon!

D: Consistency Builds Habits … Synapsis Memory – Skill Availability

The final golf tip for beginners is to gain or learn ‘Confidence, Comfort & Consistency’. Again, show up to the golf course regularly and ‘Practice With A Plan’. If possible, keep involved all year! No Off Season! Find A Way! Our ‘Slow Motion Drills’ are magical! There are also ‘Indoor practice areas and cages everywhere! (see ‘PGA Super Stores’)

These are four (4) beginner golfer tips you really need to quickly and steadily improve your golf skills and scores. Your ‘555 Team’ found these facts to be true through trial and error so you can stay on the road and out of the golf potholes and ditches! Follow our advice and get happy sooner! Again, do not over practise!

We are here to help you have more fun ‘Out There’ … practising or playing!

Glad to have you seated at our global ‘555 Golf Round Table’!

You are important and always welcome!

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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas
award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas


‘IF’ you cannot swing small, You will not be able to swing big? “There Is A Putt In Every Drive!”

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