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The ‘555 Golf Family’ spends a lot of time working on ‘Specific Procedures’. We are a dedicated ‘Science Based’ relationship! This conversation was stimulated by some very specific time working on ‘The Target Hand Low, Double Reverse Overlap, Putting Method’. It is highly defined paying strict attention to your ‘Clubface Aim’ and ‘Clubhead Path’. We know ‘Mother Nature’ throws some curves at us, but we shall deal with them in due course and as time permits!

Is this really mechanically complicated and a significant challenge? No! Is it directly rewarding over a relatively short period of time extending to a long-term payback? Yes!

This Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’s message is potent yet very simple! Determine your specific ‘Practice Regimen’. Get and stay committed!

More specifically, ‘Never Practise Without Ground Sticks’ or what your ‘555 Team’ refers to as a ‘Ground Station’. Your ‘Target Line Stick’ must be only a couple inches outside the actual Ball Flight Line which passes through the ‘Intermediate Target’, to the actual ‘Precise Target’. (Quarter Sized)

We know that our ‘Body Line’ (see ‘The 5 Alignment Axes’ … Ankles, Knees, Hips, Shoulders and Ears’) is comfortably and functionally inside the ‘Target Line’. ‘From The Ground Up’ we must be stable and in balance. If our ‘Knees & Shoulders’ are not in synchrony, neither shall our ‘Initial Delivery Line’ be harmonious with our Pre-Selected ‘Ball Flight Line’! We shall likely miss our ‘Intermediate Target’ by a little and the bottom of our ‘Jar’ by considerably more!

The point? ‘From The Ground Up’, our ‘Heels & Ankles’ must be precise. Then ‘The Stack’ (The Knees, Hips, Shoulders and Ears) must also be perfectly in balance.

Here is the ‘Team Point’! We start our ‘Alignment Journey’ with a ‘Narrow Stance’, heels perhaps only an inch or two apart. When we ‘Step To Widen’ (into our ‘Working Width’) we must be very careful to NOT alter our ‘Alignment By Stepping The Brace Foot Back or Forward’. If we fall into this manipulation trap, it is highly likely that our ‘Shoulder Axis’ will become corrupted. Remember, our ‘Shoulder Axis’ is the ‘Boss Alignment Axis’. Get it wrong and you shall have to manipulate into correction. The conundrum is ‘Golf’s Putting & Chipping Push & Pull’! May you avoid this pandemic ‘Clubface Aim and Clubhead Path’ infection!

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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