Target Hand Low, Step By Step

This topic and challenge may seem daunting to any and all golfers, but, if chewed into bite-size morsels, the task at hand shall become manageable.

1) Start with your ‘5 Set-Ups’ … Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location and Alignment’. These five aspects never go out of functional style. Keep your ‘5 Essential Elements’ also in clear mind … Clubface Aim At The Moment Of Separation, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot and Angle Of Attack’. No single global golf shot has less than these ten items! Worth knowing?

2) Start with a ‘Fitted Putter’ … Blade, Mallet or Complex … white, black, red, any colour. Dimensionally Lined is important. Knowing where your ‘Center Of Mass’ is located is key! Needs to be ‘2 Dot’ or ‘Line Marked’. Larger Dimension Grips generally provide more stability than do smaller grips. There is more to this than ‘Just Feel’! ‘Face Balanced’ is a smart, mechanically-sound feature. You do not need to spend a small fortune on your putter. One out of the ‘Experienced Barrell’ may be ‘The One For You’! Tinker time!

3) ‘Putter Length’ is very important. Set the sole squarely on the deck. Assume an ideal ‘Chin & Chest Tallish Posture’ with adequate ‘Forward Inclination’. Without a lot of details right here, if you can cry on the ‘Body Line Side Of The Ball’, you are in the ball park … inside and behind is good! This ‘How Long’ is about ‘Leg Length and Arm Length Ratio’. There are variables to understand and appreciate!

4) Put both hands on the ‘Handle’, starting with the most common ‘10 Finger Brace Hand Low Condition’. Do not deal with the ‘Vardon or Interlock’ grip varieties right away!

5) Now, shift to the ‘10 Finger Target Hand Low Condition’. This enables the ‘Target or Swing Lever’ to dominate in control and motion. Note that this selection will cause your ‘Target Shoulder’ to be slightly lower than the ‘Brace Hand Low’. You can make ‘Shoulder Elevation and Spinal or Head Adjustments’.

6) Overlapping technique is effective! We can slide the ‘Brace Hand Index Finger’ down over the Target Pinky Finger. This is called ‘The Single Reverse Overlap’. The obvious next option is to slide the Brace and Middle Fingers down over the Target Pinky and Ring Fingers. This is logically called ‘The Double Reverse Overlap’.

7) The purpose of this ‘Overlapping’ is to ‘Level Your Shoulders’ and/or ‘Match Your Wrist Hinge Elevations’. This negates or reduces the ‘Spinal and Shoulder Aft Tilt Tendency’. Consistency is good!

8) Now, with a fully complete ‘Putting Station’, with Target Line and Body Line, you need to make some very comfortable ‘Tick Tocks’ with both your “& Word” and proper athletic breathing. (see ‘DDB’). ‘Inching and Distance Control’ immediately factor in your performance equation. Pay attention!

9) Precise attention must be paid to accurate ‘Stacking Of Your 5 Alignment Axes’. Your ‘Initial Ball Rolling Line’ (The Start Line) is critical. A little ‘Plunk & Bounce’ helps! Your ‘Clubhead Path’ (Thumb Travel Lines) is vital. Don’t manipulate! Your ‘Putting Engine’ is your Up & Down Brace Shoulder Socket’! Remember, Gravity should start the ‘Down, Out, Forward & Through’ (DOFT) motion … not muscles!

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.
Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.


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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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