Chalk Lining

Being a bit of an old farm boy and house-building youth (mostly at Grampa’s insistence) we learned how to use and care for the tools-of-the-trade. We would NEVER leave our hammer out in the cold damp world … a fate flirting with death by Grampa or Dad!

One tool we used a lot in framing was a ‘Chalk Box & Line’. It was like an enclosed ‘Fishing Reel’ that contained chalk, a powdery substance that permeated the string line. Why? So as to be able to mark a straight line on the subfloor or anywhere for a useful purpose. When we fastened wall framing to the floor, we knew that the base plates were straight, true and square!

Golf loves ‘Straight, True, Square & On Length’ too! A ‘Stymp Meter’ is a wonderful golf tool.

So how might we use a ‘Chalk Line’ in our golf regimen? Where might we benefit from having a straight line? ‘Putting & Chipping’ for sure! You can figure out your own variables but there are not many to know! So, you are not bothered, the chalk line washers or mows out in a day or two. You can broom or brush it away if you desire to remove your tracks.

Let us assume that the putt is wonderfully dead flat and straight and 8 to 10 feet. Snap a coloured ‘Chalk Line’ from the flagstick to the ball location. You will now know what your tasking is. Pretty simple! What if there is ‘Break and Slope?’ If it is just ‘Slope’ it can still be ‘Dead Straight’. If there is Break’ we need to make a ‘Dead Straight Roll’ to an ‘Offset Target’ or point. In this case, snap your chalk line to the ‘Off Set Ball Rolling Point’. Remember, ‘All Putts Are Dead Straight’. I can see your questioning Dr. Fischer’s mental soundness! Allowed!

BTW, if you can get out to your ‘Practise Area’ early enough, there may still be dew on the ground. It is really fun and useful to watch the track a ‘Rolling Golf Ball’ leaves on the grass. It makes a diminutive ‘Rooster Tail’ on the Dance Floor. You will see your ‘Ball Rolling Line’ in exquisite detail. FUN and revealing! Better than the local, very expensive golf simulator for ‘Putting & Chipping’! Nothing like real ‘Green Grass’!


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