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We certainly know how important your ‘Orbital Core or Spinal Vertebral Stability’ is in making predictably successful golf strikes. Our ‘Lever Assemblies’ are very dependent on our ‘Spinal Configuration’. As we ‘Forward Incline or Aft Tilt’, our ‘Hands & Golf Club’ perform around the human ‘North-South Polar Axis’. The ‘Lever Assemblies’ are not usually at 90 degrees to the ‘Spinal Engine’ but are definitely, consistently affixed or oriented! Set-Up for success!

‘Time For A Feel’? Stand up and ‘Set-Up’ to Address Ready (Neutral, Tap Tap Tap). You can also assume the very important ‘Impact Fix Configuration’. Pay particular attention to your ‘Lever Angles’ to the ‘Spinal Axis’ … varies with ‘Shaft Length’. This relationship remains quite stable during the entire ‘Back & Front Swings’. (see ‘Back & Up and Down & Out’)

Additional to ‘Core Stability’, ‘Scapular Stability’ is a primary goal. Your ‘Brace Hitting Shoulder Assembly’ provides the stability necessary to make that all-important ‘Bend & Straighten Action’ so responsible for ‘Clubhead Speed’ and delicate ‘Component Control’.

The sensation this writer - teacher gets in his ‘Back & Up Swing’ is ‘One Move, Sweep, Brace Hand, Turn & Lift’. We are well-served to get the feeling of ‘Brace Shoulder Back’, similar to the ‘Turning Back of the Brace Hip’ followed by the reciprocal ‘Clearing or Turning Back of the Target Hip’. (see ‘The Swapping Pockets Drill’)(see ‘Butt Against The Wall Drill’)

A lot of golfers tend to accomplish too much vertical ‘Up or Brace Handed Lift’ (see ‘Swing Planar Steepness and Casting’)(see ‘Firing The Brace Shoulder Capsule Too Early’)(see ‘Clubhead Path and Shaft Swing Plane Issues’ … get Confident, Comfortable & Consistent)

There is currently, considerable focus on ‘Shallowing Out and Laying Off’ as a corrective tact. It boils down to ‘Manipulation’ which is not to the swinger’s benefit! The ‘Brace Hand Travel Path & Plane’ should be both natural and comfortable, falling into the ‘Inside-Out Path’ … taking out the ‘Red Impact Dot in the Bottom Half of the Advancing Swing Circle’.

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