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“Mindset” has meanings! 1) A Set of Mental Conditions or Attitudes, 2) State Of Mind, 3) Frame of Mind, 4) Mental Processes, 5) Psyche, 6) Mentality and more! You will have your own ideas.

Is ‘Mindset Active or Passive’?

When is it ‘Mental or Physical’?

When does ‘Mindset’ become ‘Action Productive’?

Is the notion of ‘Mindset’ more ‘Premeditated or Spontaneous’ … ‘Conscious or Subconscious’?

You know our ‘555 Academy Team’ dedication to having a professional quality ‘Pre-Shot Routine’ (PSR) … our performance insurance policy.

Our ‘PSR” (in Golf and perhaps even life) enables our ability to ‘Trigger The Passive Aspect Of Us’ (the getting ready) into the ‘Action Mode or Dynamic Process’.

Our ‘Mindset’ may just be ‘The Loading and Aiming Of The Gun’, (‘Breathing’ - DDDB) whereas the ‘Action’ may be the ‘Pulling Of The Trigger’ and ‘Release Of The Bullet’?

Definitely two very different yet tightly related human, sequential characteristics?

We know that you are a golfer!

Use both in harmony!


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