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Is this about the ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM) or the ‘Upper Body Machine’ (UBM) or both? This learning moment is really about your ‘Total Body Set-Up’.

If one thinks about the Vertebral Column or Spinal Crankshaft, “Thoracic” is about The Chest and Shoulders. The Scapulae are the ‘Shoulder Blades’. If one pulls the ‘Shoulders’ far aft, rather at attention, this Musculo-skeletal action reduces the separation or space between the Scapulae. Your 555 Team refers to this condition as ‘Cracking Walnuts’. ‘Time For A Feel’? Get a golf buddy to stand in a good overall ‘Set-Up’ with shoulders neutral and ‘Lever Assemblies Hanging’. You will feel as though your ‘Shoulders’ are forward towards your ‘Sternum’.

Place your fingers right flat on the ‘Back or Scapulae Gap’. As your buddy moves the shoulders forward, you will separate the Scapulae and create space. That will not ‘Crack Walnuts’. The opposite is true. As you pull your shoulders back (To Attention), you will reduce the separation. That position or action will ‘Crack Walnuts’.

Very important point for you! ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) is extended or deepened when your Shoulders are pushed forward towards the Sternum. ‘Time For A Feel!’ When you ‘Pull Them Back’, your BOSA (‘Lever Length or Extension’) is reduced or made to be more shallow.

Small point! If you ‘Set-Up’ with proper ‘Spinal Column Configuration’ (CHIN & Chest Tallish), with Shoulders Back, you shall establish a certain ‘Width and Arc’. If you properly relax during your ‘Down Out Forward & Through’ (DOFT) segment (Front Swing), you shall lengthen your ‘Swing Radius, Width or Arc’. (see ‘Lever Lengths’) When and if you accomplish this ‘Increased Extension’, without altering your ‘CHIN’ (see ‘Tetherball Pole’), you shall strike the ground behind the ball. (see ‘Hit Fat’) Always think ‘Lever Extensor Action’.

The proper, most efficient ‘Impact Fix Position’ is ‘Shoulders Gently Forward’ opening the ‘Scapular Gap’. Why? When you properly relax through the ‘I&S – Impact & Separation Zone’, you create more ‘Depth’ or a BOSA that is slightly farther from your Sternum … what you want!

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