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We are speaking about ‘Pureness Of Impact’. Hitting a golf ball on the screws makes a huge difference to your performance. (see ‘Compression & Line Of Compression’)(see ‘Straight Or Curving’ … ‘Spin Rate’)

The ‘Traditional Forged Blades’ had a ‘Pure Spot’ slightly towards the Heel or Hozel. (Center Of Mass [COM] or Coefficient Of Restitution [COR]) If we hit the ball on the toe, (1/2” to 3/4”) we could lose a ‘Leaky 20 Yards’. A heel strike was not nearly as penal as they were ‘Hozel or Heel Weighted’! Heel strikes tended to become a bit ‘Hooky’ with less loss of distance. The bush or OB on the ‘High-Energy Side of Target Line’ can be pretty nasty there as well.

The advent of ‘Forged Perimeter Weighted Cavity Backs’ (FPWCB) brought a totally different ‘Kettle Of Fish’ into reality … “Friendlier”!

The ‘14.2 Stainless Irons’ (SSPWCB) were designed to strike the ‘Measured Lateral Center’ of the face … designed to hit the enlarged middle of the Clubface’.

What about the ‘Measured Vertical Center’?

We conveniently judge this ‘Strike Point’ by the contact point of the ball relevant to the ‘Horizontal Score Lines or Grooves’. If you have a #5 Iron in hand, the ‘Impact Tape’ mark should be between the 2nd and the 4th score lines.

If we miss the ‘Sweet Spot’ (heel or toe) with this new breed of Iron Head, we are less severely punished by our ‘Side or Under Spin Rates’! We can feel the ‘Off Center Hit’ but the ‘Ball Flight Shape’ and ‘Distance’ is not horribly degraded!

Who still uses ‘Traditional Blades’? A golfer over 60 years of age who suffers from ‘Stubborn Masochism’ and who has resigned to scoring mediocrity!