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We play golf as if we were standing on railway track rails that are automatically width adjustable to accommodate our various club lengths. The Driver requires the widest rails.

An associate of mine just sent me a virally popular instructional piece on ‘Training Indoors’.

He quite simply said that one needs to get the ‘Club Shaft Parallel To The Target Line or To The Body Line’ in order to improve your swing and experience more Ball Flight Success. Where we accomplish the condition of ‘Shaft Parallel’ to these lines is very important. Will this shaft be directly over the Target Line or over the Body Line’?

Another important consideration is at what ‘Level Above The Ground’ will you achieve this Parallel condition? There are physical answers to these questions. They matter! They also vary from individual to individual. There is no ‘Cookie Cutter’ recipe or resolution.

Think of this for a moment please? ‘Set-Up at Address Ready’ (prefer ‘Impact Fix’). Your arms will be dropped and extended in front of you. The sole and ‘Sweet Spot’ will very likely be sitting on or above the Target Line and certainly not on the Body Line.

From this ‘Properly Chin & Chest Tallish Set-Up’ situation, ‘Wrist Cock your Shaft Level To The Ground. Your shaft will be roughly 90 degrees to the Target Body Lines. Next, Bow your Target Wrist Hinge while Turning your Brace Forearm (‘Longitudinal Axis’) away from the Target. You will feel like you are ‘Turning & Lifting’ normally. It is very important to know where and the feeling of ‘Parallel to the Target Body Lines and Level To The Ground’. At this point you should be ‘On Plane’. If you do not do this ‘Bullet-Proof Drill’ in a proper manner, you shall suffer from Path and Plane issues and from despondency!

One final point? When you are in this ‘Correct Position’, where is your Clubface Aiming? A hint? NOT TOE UP to the sky! That is seriously, manipulated ‘Open’.