If you have never made a ‘Putt’, a ‘Chip’ or hit a ‘Full Swing Golf Ball’, open your browser to ‘A Golf Course Near Me’ and give them a call. What to ask? “Do you have a Putting Green, a Short Game area and a Driving Range? How much are your buckets of practice balls? Can I borrow or rent a Putter and a #8 Iron? How much for an hour or so? Do you have an instructor who will spend a few minutes with me free-of-charge making sure I am striking golf balls properly? How much are good lessons at your place?” Any reputable golf course will be delighted to respond to your queries! Will very likely give you an habitual FREE starter bucket!

As soon as you get favourable answers, set a time and date. “Right Now” would be expedient!

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Thanks for your taking one or three actions. Just telling one fellow golfer about ‘The 555 Team’ is a powerful gesture. Playing us forward makes a difference! We will both be glad you did!

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