covid 19

We have had many requests for information and opinion concerning the ‘CaronaVirus, COVID-19’ (Sars-CV2) over the past several weeks … how to deal with this socially serious, highly unstable problem from a golf perspective. The feeling that there is ‘Main Stream Media Fearmongering’ is pronounced and problematic. Fear increases susceptibility! Conservative and cooler heads must prevail in order to abate this potentially dangerous and devastating viral activity. Be practical and fend off much of the hype!

In no particular order, here are the spoken and written ‘Golf Specific’ opinions provided to your ‘555 Team’ by golfers from all sectors of society. Thank you for your input!

  1. Set all the cups one inch above grass level so the ball will NOT hole out. If the ball is deflected in any manner, it is considered to be holed. This simple practice will stop golfers handling the ‘Flagstick’ and potentially transmitting dangerous and contagious pathogens.
  2. Do not shake hands as a “Greeting”, as a “Well Played” or as a “Goodbye”! The ‘Bumping Knuckles’ greeting is not much of an improvement!
  3. Keep your own hands off your own face.
  4. If you are symptomatic, ‘Personally Isolate / Quarantine For a Week Or More’ without delay!
  5. Do not congregate in the golf course restaurant or coffee shop.
  6. Do not handle what others commonly handle … ketchup, mustard and mayo dispensers! Tables and chairs are typically ripe with bacteria.
  7. Avoid using the golf property bathroom facilities. If necessary, wash hands thoroughly and do not handle the doorknobs bare-handed during egress. Use a paper towel.
  8. Do not handle any golf clubs other than your own.
  9. Do not Car-Pool or Cart Pool. Handi-Wipe or disinfect the golf cart thoroughly.
  10. Do not stand closer than 6 to 10 feet to any golfer.
  11. Do not spend any time with a person that is coughing or sniffling.
  12. Avoid tournaments and groups of any size … especially indoors!
  13. It may be a challenge but stand up-wind of other golfers where possible!

Identify any other risks and implement your precautions. This pandemic shall be largely self-corrected! Avoid ER and clinical environments! These viral strains tend to be fast mutating, so a cure may be tentative or uncertain. Autoimmunity is a key to this puzzle! Feel strong and be positive-minded!

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