Golf has a lot of Newtonian truths, some more important and relevant than others.

‘Address Ready’ is where the ‘Ball Location is roughly on your Sternum … center chest. This is NOT where we are meant to strike the ball. Unlike how so many golfers perceive, this is not where ‘Clubhead Speed and Energy Transfer’ are optimal.

Hit a hockey slap shot, hit or throw a baseball, smack a tennis forehand smash down the sideline, etc. At the ‘Moment Of Impact’ your ‘Brace Arm’ is still ‘Bent & Lagging’ a little, ready to straighten and make ‘Impact Velocity, Compression and Ball Speed’. The greatest creator of ‘Velocity’ is the ‘Brace Lever Bend & Straighten Action’.

The ‘Lower Body Machine’ provides an anchoring or resistive point on Mother Earth, a place from which we ‘Push Off’. The ‘LBM’ gets to the ball before the Hands get to the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. (see ‘Hips Leading and Hands Lagging’)

‘Address Ready’ typically has both ‘Lever Assemblies’ (Hands, Wrists and Arms) sternally extended and straight down, (Tap Tap) thus no preparation or ability to ‘Straighten and create ‘Velocity, Ball Speed and Distance’ with the preselected ‘Ball Flight Shape or Curvature’.

Your ‘555 team’ strongly promotes that you embrace what we refer to as ‘Impact Fix’. Get yourself into the ‘Impact Body Configuration’ and start your Take-Away from there. You will have a couple very telling qualities in this ‘Set-Up’. They are 1) ‘Hands Forward Pressed’, Brace Wrist Bent with your Target Wrist slightly and cooperatively flat to bowed. 2) Brace Knee Forward Pressed’ and ready to apply Force via the ‘Bend & Straighten, Brace Leg Drive’ action. This fires the ‘Load Coiled Hips’ creating the ever so necessary ‘Horizontal or Round & Round Motion’ (see ‘Pivot Pressure’). The ‘Brace Lever Assembly’ exclusively produces all the ‘Vertical or Up & Down Motion’ and most of the Clubhead and Ball Speed. Remember, you do not have ‘Two Straight Lever Assemblies’ until the ball has departed. (see ‘Chase & Follow’) (see ‘Swing Sequence #9’). “The Truth Will Set You Free!”

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