“Small Things Add Up To Big Things. Inch By Inch, It’s A Cinch!” We must learn to wriggle, roll over (from back to tummy), crawl, stand up, fall safely, toddle and then learn to logically walk before we run! Can you think of any effective alternatives?

One must establish some ‘Minimal Motion Synapses’ (Neurological Signaling into Effective Motion Outcomes) into movement rewards! What do we mean by the words “Minimal Motion”. You MUST learn to use and benefit from our ‘555 Golf System Slow Motion Drills’. Why? The answer is very simple! We learn most efficiently at low speeds. We build ‘Muscular Synapsis’ and create neuro-pathways more effectively in ‘Repetitive Slow Motion’.

We must accomplish trusting ‘Low Velocity Physiological Motion Imperatives’ before we can undertake ‘High Velocity’ versions. ‘Ball Striking’ involving ‘Ball Flight Shapes’ happens at higher Clubhead Speeds. The normal human wants prematurely to hit the ball far and thus gets tight and actually ‘Slower’ than one might optimize.

Put yet another way, we must make short Putts (‘Pure Impact Micro Strokes’ … not Fat, Thin, Heel or Toe’), before any Chipping is undertaken … before ‘Bump & Run, before Knock Down shots, Punches, Pitches, Full Swings or smashing a Driver.

We must learn the ‘Feel’ of Square To Square, Inside-Out and Outside-In Path. Only then can we expand into perfecting the ‘Feeling of Draw - Fade … of Clubface & Ball Control’.

We must teach our bodies to move properly before giving ‘Ball Flight’ a footing on center stage.

Practice Swings are imperative. They open the door to proper ‘Mechanics and Feel’ for the forthcoming strike. Your rehearsal invites ‘Repeating The Feel’. Any perception demands systematic behaviour! Consistency is conscious repetition on demand. ‘Feel Will Not Accomplish Mechanics’. ‘Mechanics Can Accomplish Feel’. Proper approach really makes your golf FUN more quickly!

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