The refined ‘Sweet Spot’ (Center Of Mass) of a golf clubhead is about the size of a good old American Dime. If you prefer Lincoln’s coin, that is OK too! Close enough for the golfers I have known over the decades!

The more compassionate ‘Sweet Spot’, for week-enders, might be the size of a quarter.

The beloved hacker might more subjectively make a 50 cent piece work?

However, the hard truth is that the ‘Ballistic Point’ of a golf ball (The Bottom Inside Cheek – BIC) is only the size of the biggest dimple. Now that presents a challenge. Getting the Dime and the BIC dimple together at 1 to 120 miles per hour (Putter to Driver) is a challenging and highly demanding and controlled collision. Ocular Acuity is a key ingredient.

Why do we play golf in the daytime? Rhetorical questions, right? So we can use our Captain Eyes to their optimal performance. Precise impact is an earned gift!

Threading a large eyed needle with the cooperation of thick thread may be a comparable task? Licking the thread may not be sterile but it is allowed and helps!

We must all ‘Keep Golf Simple’ in any way possible. The game stubbornly tends to get complicated.

Golf’s future depends on all our constant dedication and regular success!

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