It is absolutely key that you do not ‘Manipulate’ either your Lower Body (LBM) or Upper Body (UBM) Machines’ into this configuration or position. The best manner by which you can accomplish any good golf swing is ‘Naturally’. (see ‘Clubhead Sole Sweeping, Turning & Lifting’)

Think about ‘Club Shaft Swing Plane’. We can get too ‘Upright or Vertical’, just right for our personal physical needs and thirdly we can get too ‘Flat or Horizontal’. If our ‘Pivot Axis is anything other than ‘Just Right’, it will directly affect our ‘Swing Plane’ as well as other ‘Components & Procedures’.

At the ‘Top Of Our Back Swing’ (TOB) we should be ‘On Path & On Plane’. Your ‘555 Team’ often explains how this proper configuration feels by explaining that you might feel like your Brace Thumb is sticking into you Brace Ear. Remember, our ‘Back & Up Swing can absolutely be an ‘Over-Swing’. The ‘Ball Flight’ will directly prove this swing error with a price to pay!

The ‘Wrist Hinge is a Compound and Complex (3 Axis) Articulating Joint’. The ‘Vertical Hinge Pin Motion Is Horizontal’ … like a door hinge. The three positions are ‘Bent, Flat & Bowed’. (see ‘BFB’) If at the TOB you get ‘Shallowed Out or Laid Off’ your ‘Wrist Hinge Horizontal Motion’ will be ‘Bowed’.

How much is too much or too little ‘BFB’? Neutrality is the ‘Flat Target Wrist Hinge’. If at the TOB, your Target Hand Knuckles are pointed downward at the grass, you very likely have too much ‘Wrist Hinge Bow’. Your Club Shaft will be ‘Laid Off, too Flat or too Shallowed.

How do we accomplish this ‘Proper Target Wrist Hinge Configuration’ without ‘Active Manipulation’? ‘Turn & Lift’ followed by ‘Return and Drop’ … by dropping gravitationally into the ‘Slot’. (see ‘Pivot Pressure or Brace Leg Drive’) If your ‘LBM’ fires early (LEADS), your ‘UBM’ (Lever Assemblies) shall automatically, gravitationally fall behind or ‘LAG’. Club Shaft LAG passively creates the ‘Shallowing Out or Laying Off’.

Don’t ‘Make It Happen’, but ‘Let It Happen’.

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