We have client who often come to us saying “If I Could Only Get My Lower Body to cooperate with my Upper Body!” or even more often, “I need to stop playing like poop!”

I could say right here and now that you shall manage to accomplish that feat but, it is the wrong goal or challenge … in the wrong time and place or sequence!

In any ‘Stage 3 Procedure’ (involving both Wrist Cock and Pivot), it is the ‘Pivot or Spinal Engine’ (Lower Body Machine) that governs or controls the ‘Lever Assemblies’ (Upper Body Machine). If one inserts more ‘Forward Inclination’ (more knee flex and body leaning towards the ‘Target Line) as well as more ‘Aft Tilt’, whereby the Upper Body is tilted away from the Target, the ‘Clubhead Path and Swing Plane’ is directly altered.

If you want a ‘Flatter Swing Plane’, you accomplish that condition by proper ‘Set-Up’ or ‘Spinal Configuration’ and not by ‘Manipulating Your Lever Assemblies’. (see ‘Shoulder Sockets, Upper Arms, Elbows, Forearms, Wrists, Hands and the actual Golf Club) to any specific position or plane. Making your hands and arms go anywhere, manipulating, is a ‘Devil’s Chore’!

The more forward you are inclined, the more upright or vertical will be your ‘Swing Plane’. Equally so, the less forward (the more upright) you are inclined, the ‘Flatter or more Horizontal’ your ‘Swing Plane shall be.

You can absolutely ‘Manipulate This Planar Activity’ but making the ‘Lever Assemblies’ to travel in a different manner or motion than you have asked from your ‘Spinal Engine’ is a recipe for soon to follow golf club and ‘Ball Flight’ disappointments. (see ‘Ball Flight Shape’)

Our ‘555 Golf’ terminology for the ‘Back & Up Swing’ is to ‘Turn & Lift’. When your ‘Sweep & Turn’ aspect is based on the ‘Lever Assemblies’ working around the spine at about 90 degrees, you shall easily accomplish ‘On Plane’ and your ‘Ball Flight’ needs shall become much simpler and more predictable!

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