How might one recognize ‘Real Passion’? When the wind is up and it is chilly or downright cold and your Lazy Boy is reclined and feeling ‘comfy’, you still get up and go to the golf course to practise precise shots for an hour! Core desire may even get you out the door half an hour early?

You do not lose or wear out ‘Real Passion’. This gift is a renewable human resource. It shall prevail over any and all adversities! Nurture ‘IT’ every day!

If you learn and believe in your knowledge, talent and experience, you can stumble and even fall with a quick and efficient recovery!

Golf always rewards and repays ‘Real Passion’.

There is only one trustworthy and honest way to succeed in your golf game … the ‘Old Fashioned Way’ … EARN IT!

Always define a ‘Precise Quarter-Sized Target’ and go after it. Deliver all your energy to its heart by using your ‘5 Set-Ups and 5 Essential Elements’!

Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity.

Don’t become one of ‘Life’s Passengers!

Drive your own bus!

Enjoy The Journey!

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