‘Big Hitters’ are high compression hitters. They generate exceptionally high ‘Clubhead Speeds’.

This reality demands precise ‘Impact & Separation Conditions such as ‘Compression and Line Of Compression’. Another key element is profound ‘Trust’ and no ‘Anger’.

The Spin Rates, both X axis (North South Polar which provides ‘Horizontal Activity – Curvature’) and Y Axis (Equatorial which provides ‘Vertical or Under Spin Activity’) must be appropriate for a successful ‘Trajectory or Parabola’. (see ‘1800 to 2200 RPM’)

Proper ‘Impact & Separations Conditions’ demand Confident Comfortable & Consistent, and a ‘Relaxed State of Mind’ as well as a cooperative body … ‘Stable Powerful Core’ (LBM) and supplicant ‘Lever Assemblies’. (UBM - Hands, Arms and the actual Golf Club)

To accomplish these ‘Big Hits’ demands confidence and ‘Quiet Explosion’. Even then the success rate is generally, when the pressure is on, not very high. The ‘Long Drive Athletes’ (LD-ers) often got just one in bounds out of six! If it is out there 370 to 400+ it may mean a bank deposit and some hardware. Many do not even get this ‘One Between The Stripes’ … ‘In Bounds or In Play’! High Power and Distance are very special! A little ‘Off Spin Rate’ is penal!

What about Tour Players? These gentlemen play 18 Greens and have to hit 14 Fairways. It is very common for these (different than ‘LD-ers’) ‘High Performance Athletes’ to hit 8 to 9 ‘Short Grassers’ out of 14 Par 4’s and 5’s … or less! When their ‘Big Stick’ sucks, they put it away!

With proper Mental & Physical circumstances, there is no reason why they cannot or should not hit 18 Fairways! How can there be 18 when there are only 14 Par 4’s and 5’s? Your ‘555 Team’ looks upon the Par 3’s as ‘Fairways In Regulation’. Demand excellence of yourself!

Get hard-minded and dedicated so you produce ‘Controlled Relaxation’! (see ‘The 5 Set-Ups’)

Make good things happen!

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