How to practice golf

Well then, ‘Practise Less and Practise Smarter’ … with more intensity and working at skills that you will actually use ‘Out There’ to score lower! ‘Practical Practice Makes Repeatable’!

If you have a dedicated ‘Pre Shot Routine’ (PSR) I can assure you that your ‘Practice Sessions’, as well as your ‘Playing Ventures’ shall be both more productive and more fun!

We see really dedicated ‘Range Rats’ working buckets of ‘Full Swing Long Irons’ and especially their ‘Driver and III Woods’. Outcome? Sore hands, joints and soft tissues.

You know, if you hit enough really perfect Drivers, you will sooner than later hit bad ones … and get annoyed! As soon as your attitude (Mental Energy and fluid pH … chemistry) degrades, your performance shall degrade as well. When you walk into this known trap, your practice session itself degrades. No point in continuing a down hill slider!

Might I suggest that you reduce your ‘Practice Times’ from two hours to one hour! Hit better balls but fewer of them. Will brutal two-hour practice sessions make you more fit of primarily more sore and angry? You shall know your own tendencies!

You may find that this is a Dr. Fischer foible, but this ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’ does have and knows his tendencies as well as you do!

How do I practice? Smart and short!

  1. Stretch
  2. Putting Down & Back Drill to ascertain Green conditions... Speed and Breaks
  3. Chipping
  4. Bump & Run
  5. Knock Downs (Short Game Area)
  6. Punch Shots
  7. Pitches
  8. Full Swing
  9. Driver work, and
  10. Course Management

You may find it of interest that I, more often than you might think, will get to my #8 Punch Shot and Full Swing Strikes, have them work really well only 6 or 8 times and then ‘Call It A Day’. Always conclude with a little more ‘Putting & Chipping’ and head to my chariot!

Don’t ‘Over Swing’ and don’t ‘Over Work’