how to stop hitting fat shots in golf


"Golf is my first love but I hate those 'Big Beaver Pelts' some people call 'Divots'. It seems my long irons are the worst."

ANSWER:       These are what is known as 'FAT HITS' and can be cured quite simply if you pay attention to one simple necessity. (‘Thin Strikes’ are just the ‘Flip Side’. Grasp that reality.)

Set your 'CHIN TALLISH' at ‘Address - Impact Fix’ and keep it there during your entire swing back & up and down, out forward and through the Butt of the Ball.

The 'Set-Up Point' called 'ADDRESS (static) or IMPACT FIX (dynamic)' where you find the ball with your Clubhead, is precisely where you MUST keep your chin or 'Pivot Point' during the swing or you will hit the ball FAT, taking the 'Big Beaver Pelts' that you complain about.

If you 'Drop Your Chin' during the swing, you will drop your Clubhead as well causing the leading edge of the Clubhead to drop below the Ball's South Pole and to take a lot of dirt before the Ball in the process.

If you hit the ball FAT after a proper 'Set-Up' you had to have 'Dropped Your Tallish Chin'.   Period!  Keep your Chin Tallish throughout your entire Back and Front Swings. Just FEEL it is Tall throughout.

Your Hands should ‘FEEL DEEP FLAT and WIDE’ from the very instant of ‘Take Away’ to the very last ounce of ‘Energy and Clubhead Movement’, when it is all over.

Make sure your ‘Ball Location’ is correct. Usually under your ‘Target Clavicle’ is safe and correct. Don’t put it too far back in your ‘Stance’.

This will go a long way to curing the FATS & THINS!  A special low calorie golf diet is not the answer!

Play well!