1 'Certified Teaching Professional' ('CTP') / Income Rate $85.00/hr

2 'Certified Master Teaching Professional' ('CMTP') / Income Rate $135.00/hr

3 'Teaching Professionals' must be paid up to date as an 'Annual Premium Member'

4 'On Line BASIC CTP TRAINING' / $350.00 ('Passing The Basic Exam')

(Systems, Manuals & Testing)

5 In Person 'BASIC CTP TRAINING' (4+ days) $2,600.00 (first year currency included)

('On Line Basic Training Exam' Must Be Passed In Advance) 'Certified Teaching Professionals' ('CTP') can become elevated to the status of 'Certified Master Teaching Professional' as their skill set and experience increases.

6 Bi-Annual Currency & Proficiency Training - $75.00/mo - $600.00/yr

(This is included in the annual CTP Fee. Quality and consistency are paramount). The '555 Team' must all be on the same page to optimally serve our students. In this manner, if one teacher is predisposed, another can fill in with consistently.

7 Benefits include '555 Golf Listing' … Advertising & Leads available.