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We play golf as if we were standing on railway track rails that are automatically width adjustable to accommodate our various club lengths. The Driver requires the widest rails.

An associate of mine just sent me a virally popular instructional piece on ‘Training Indoors’.

He quite simply said that one needs to get the ‘Club Shaft Parallel To The Target Line or To The Body Line’ in order to improve your swing and experience more Ball Flight Success. Where we accomplish the condition of ‘Shaft Parallel’ to these lines is very important. Will this shaft be directly over the Target Line or over the Body Line’?

Like a virus, there is chronically a lot of unhealthy advice going around in the golf realm. Is it contagious? In its own way, absolutely! Evaluate and shun the bad mantras. Embrace the practical and logical. Remember, the golf swing and strike is based on science (Newtonian Truth). The Physics of Rotation and The Geometry of the Circle never get out of style or out of vogue!

What prompted me to write the above title?

We have all heard of the ‘L To L (Shaft Level To Level) Drill’, AKA ‘The Half Way Back and Half Way Through Drill’. Some swing to the Shaft Horizontal position on both sides of the circle. (Swing Sequence #3 Back & Up and SS #8a Down & Out) Others, to their own discretion, use the ‘Target Lever Horizontal Check Point’. (SS #4 Back & Up and SS #9 Down & Out)

Your ball goes where the sand flies. Bunker Protocols - with the award-winning 555 Golf Academy.

The ‘5 CONTROLS’ ..... always!

  1. Similar to ‘Lob and Pitch Shots’.
  2. ‘SET BOTH FEET’ into the Sand by squirming the Feet back and forth until they ‘FEEL’ firm-footed. (‘STANCE’ Issue)
  3. Shorten the ‘GRIP’ (perhaps)
  4. ‘POSTURE’ must support this procedure ‘CHIN Tallish’ making precise ‘clearance’ for the Clubhead to Swing with the exact ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’. (‘Cock And Pop’)
  5. ‘GRIP Pressure’ and ‘SET-UP Component’ as necessary to support the Stroke Pattern and task at hand. You may ‘Grip Down’ slightly to get better control and because you have ‘Squirmed your Feet Down into the Sand to get a solid footing which lowers your CHIN, Shoulders and Hips.

‘Social Distancing’ “Makes Me Chuckle”! How interesting in this time of great social challenge? We are a strong and resourceful nation. We shall turn the corner and prevail in the not too far distant future! Think about getting back to ‘Normal’ absolutely as soon as possible! Take tiny steps in that direction at every opportunity.

A quick comment? We are in broadly self-imposed isolation at present … ‘Social Distancing’. We must make sure we exchange the air in our residences at least every day unless it is simply unsafe to do so! Effectively sanitize all surfaces! We must wash our hands and faces regularly! Sanitize our vehicles! Be aware and innovatively responsive!

Dr. Karl Fischer 555 Golf Academy

Have you ever known allegedly dedicated and passionate golfers who, rather than work on their ‘Basics & Fundamentals’, seem to have ‘Nothing To Do and All Day To Do It’? 19th Hole Stool Warmers or Large Bucket Bangers?

You are not one of these ‘Wannabe Pretend Participants’? Sitting On Your Hands is often popular but not a productive posture! “Pushing String Up-Hill Is Not Good Exercise!”

There has to be a more fertile approach to mastering this ‘Great Game’ while enjoying the ‘Process’ enroute to a predetermined, positive ‘Outcome’?

The ‘5 CONTROLS’ ..... always!

This very simple ‘Procedure’ sets-up the rest of your hole and provides a considerable competitive advantage for every golfer. It gives us a ‘Physical Edge’ and ensures a ‘Mental Edge’ as well.

The ‘SET-UP Components’ of the ‘Driver’ are quite unique.

  1. ‘RELAX’
  2. ‘BREATHE’ Rhythmically and Deeply
  3. ‘POSTURE’ must be ‘CHIN Tallish and MATADOR PROUD’.

A ‘Blow-Up Hole’ is a Bogie, Double Bogie or Other depending on your perspective. I was going to write “At An Inopportune Time” but when is an “Other” opportune?

There really must be a reason ‘Blow Up Hole Happen All The Time’. ‘Cause & Effect’ are alive and well in the golf mental and mechanical. When you make a mistake, take a moment to evaluate it methodically. That will give you hope for not soon repeating the same error.

So, the next consideration is “WHY?” ‘Others’ are usually a ‘Piling On Of Errors’ … two or three negatives usually in close proximity! They happen because of

We all know that each ‘Mile Per Hour Increase In Driver Clubhead Speed’ (Impacting The Center Of Mass - Center Of Face) rewards us with about 2.5 yards of Air Time Distance. Forget all the ‘Ambient Temperature, the Sea Level Pressure Gradient and Relative Humidity “STUFF”. That minutia does not matter to the throngs of nice people who golf and yearn for a little more distance off the tee! Thus, a 4 MPH increase times 2.5 generally produces an extra 10 yards. Not a bad goal for each one of us? There is more than one way to accomplish this physical feat!

You could work ‘Grindingly’ on your fitness and Range Of Motion. Maybe not this month!

You and ‘The 555 Team’ get all these foibles and variables! They are real world!

  1. Similar ‘SET-UP’ as utilized in ‘Pitching’.
  2. ‘Higher Trajectory’ due to the ‘Clubface LOFT’ (60 degrees)
  4. ‘FEEL’ like you are ‘Sliding the Leading Edge of the Clubface under the Ball’.
  5. ‘POSTURE’ must be ‘CHIN Tallish & MATADOR PROUD’ for the delicate accuracy of this Procedure.
  6. ‘GRIP’ Pressure light to moderate

Putting is about 40% to 50% of the entire game. Chipping, Bump & Run and Pitching is about 15% to 20% of the scoring! The entire ‘Short Game’ is responsible for 55% to 70% of scoring!

Do you invest 55% to 70% of your total practice time on Short Game Skills?

If not, you are taking a dull-edged ‘Bowie Knife’ out to the place where one is supposed to ‘Skin and Prepare Game’ or to ‘Play Better and Score Lower’.

Fat chance of that happening any time soon!

“Is Common Sense Logical?”

You can answer!