advanced golf is a mental endeavor

Where were you with your golf skills a year ago?

Where will you be with your golf game in another year?

Where do you want to be five years from now?

You cannot accomplish a lot in a day or a week, but in an organized year you may well have traveled the Earth and be full of great memories and achievements! “Never Give Up!”

simple golf alignment

For a ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’, that is a very simple $64,000 question! May I share my reason for this simplistic approach to our ‘Great Game’? Thank you! We are here because you are there and we have shared your painful and pleasureful space over decades! True caring is a raw human trait!

My direct topic is ‘Alignment’. I just read that it was the #1 World failure in our ‘Ball & Stick’ endeavours. Perhaps. Let’s get ‘Simple’ and address this quandary or predicament?

‘555 Golf’ is totally and firmly about ‘The 5 Set-Ups’ …

  1. Posture
  2. Grip
  3. Stance
  4. Ball Location
  5. Alignment

How to practice golf

Well then, ‘Practise Less and Practise Smarter’ … with more intensity and working at skills that you will actually use ‘Out There’ to score lower! ‘Practical Practice Makes Repeatable’!

If you have a dedicated ‘Pre Shot Routine’ (PSR) I can assure you that your ‘Practice Sessions’, as well as your ‘Playing Ventures’ shall be both more productive and more fun!

We see really dedicated ‘Range Rats’ working buckets of ‘Full Swing Long Irons’ and especially their ‘Driver and III Woods’. Outcome? Sore hands, joints and soft tissues.

how to play golf into the wind
  1. ‘EVALUATE’ the wind’s ‘Direction and Velocity’ remembering that these change significantly with height above the ground and when trees and other factors are present.
  2. ‘VISUALIZE’ the ‘Ball Flight’ or ‘Shot Pattern’.
  3. ‘KEEP UNDER THE WIND’. Logically, if there were no wind or less wind, you could do less to compensate for it. There is generally less of it closest to the ground (‘Shift & Veer’). More simply put, the closer you are to the ground, the less time and margin there is for error to take place. Putts are less effected by the wind than are ‘Drives’.

how much did Tiger Woods make?

This took some statistical digging so please excuse me if I have a few sequential and total earnings errors. You will get the picture … not your average career sports figures incomes worldwide!

Curiosity kills the cat and tempts the mouse?

chipping & pitching fundamentals in golf

We must strive every day in our golf pursuits to ‘Keep It Stupid Simple’! Our golf lives will improve with this approach and attitude. How important are our ‘Approach Shots’, strikes to those ‘5/10/15 Foot Circles’? Oh, what a rhetorical question! Any substantial golfer … ‘Player’ … can hit his or her circles! Produces really great ‘Putting Numbers’ needed to be a champion! (see ‘Quadranting Greens’)

So, let us look at ‘Chipping & Pitching’ if you don’t mind?

how to stop hitting fat shots in golf


"Golf is my first love but I hate those 'Big Beaver Pelts' some people call 'Divots'. It seems my long irons are the worst."

ANSWER:       These are what is known as 'FAT HITS' and can be cured quite simply if you pay attention to one simple necessity. (‘Thin Strikes’ are just the ‘Flip Side’. Grasp that reality.)