We have ‘2 Golf Lever Assemblies’ … Target or Swinging Lever and Brace or Hitting Lever.

We appropriately refer to the ‘Flat Target Wrist’ as a ‘Hinge’ and as one of the ‘13 Primary Articulating Human Joints’ (PAJ). It is useful to use good appropriate English names and terms!

The ‘Flat Wrist Hinge’ is one of the ‘9 Configurations or Positions’ that function around 3 actual axes or wrist hinge pins. Think of the ‘Horizontal Door Action and its Vertical Hinge Pins’. The Target Wrist acts ‘Horizontally around a Vertical Hinge Pin’ just like the door.

One can play golf ‘One Handed’. I have trained several ‘One Handed’ athletes with success. We have several ‘One Handed Bullet-Proof Skill Drills’ that are useful along your learning journey. (see ‘Isolate The Parts Drills’)

There is more control and more power with full and cooperative ‘Triangular Golf Lever Assemblies’ (Hand, Wrist, Forearm, Elbow, Upper Arm and Shoulder Socket). ‘Quiet Triangles’ (with two levers) are more stable and predictable than with one! Helps us honour Newton!

The ‘Target Lever’ is the ‘Swinging Lever. It accomplishes only three functions. 1) Controls the Golf Club … especially the Clubface Aim, 2) Establishes ‘The Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) and 3) Provides the #4 Pressure Point. (Rotational Target Pectoralis Muscle pushing or applying Force to the Target Biceps. (see ‘Hand Controls, Arm Supports and Body Transports’)

The Slice is a Poor Man’s Hook!

A lot less ‘Applied Energy’ is required to create a Slice than to Hook! Less clubhead motive effort?

If a golfer knows how to ‘Hook’ he or she can readily ‘Slice’. The opposite situation is also quite true! This teacher can help a golfer ‘Slice’ in only a few minutes. Learning to ‘Hook’ takes a little longer. Quite honestly, I do not know why any sane golfer would like to do either … Hook or Slice? There is no situation that cannot tolerate a straight shot even if it has to be a little shorter! Perfection might enjoy a little ‘Dog-Leg Tail’ on the straight shot but it is not mandatory! There is more than one way to play a dog-leg … two straight strikes will do the job!

Our detailed perceptions and experiences at ‘High Speed’ are challenging! It is difficult to sense a maximum amount of either mental or physical personal data (feelings) at very high or full speeds. Thus, if we can slow our golf swing motions and actions down, even a moderate amount, we shall improve our perceptions and, soon thereafter, our performance. Sensible and worthy? Absolutely!

We need a basis by which to make these ‘Slower Event’ to happen logically and predictably.

We have that basis already very refined and available for our distinct benefit. The ‘555 System’ explicitly refers to this systemology as ‘The 5 Set-Ups’ … Posture. Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment.

We are all familiar with our ‘555 Golf Academy’ ‘5/10/15 Foot Approach Circle Drills’. How simple can it get? Hit the ‘Circles’ from inside your ‘Full Swing #PW’ and then make Putts. Easy math! Small number bet bigger ones! This is absolutely, always about your ‘12 Inch Landing Circle Drill’. Use it! We do not aim at the Flagstick, but at the ‘Landing Circle’. With proper weight or speed, Mother Nature shall do the rest!

Next, let’s take these ‘Circle Drill’ to the ‘Short Game Practice Area’. We will use only ‘The 5 Foot Circle’. This is a pretty simple ‘Dance Floor Precision Drill’.

Step 1) Pick a Flagstick and place a 5 Foot Circle around it. Start flat and easy (A), getting a more difficult cup (B) and finally a most difficult cup (C).

The refined ‘Sweet Spot’ (Center Of Mass) of a golf clubhead is about the size of a good old American Dime. If you prefer Lincoln’s coin, that is OK too! Close enough for the golfers I have known over the decades!

The more compassionate ‘Sweet Spot’, for week-enders, might be the size of a quarter.

The beloved hacker might more subjectively make a 50 cent piece work?

However, the hard truth is that the ‘Ballistic Point’ of a golf ball (The Bottom Inside Cheek – BIC) is only the size of the biggest dimple. Now that presents a challenge.

Pure logic simply applied! What golfer does not feel and know the first 12 inches of his ‘Putting Stroke? Had better! “There Is A Putt In My Driver! I Drive As I Putt!” Makes sense to this ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’! (see ‘The 5 Set-Ups & The 5 Essential Elements’ … Are there not Clubface Aim, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot and Angle Of Attack’ in each and every swing, regardless of the preselected tool?) Simplicity always rules where complexity abounds!

How simply and quietly do you take your ‘Putter Head’ away, especially the Grass-Sweeping Sole? I venture to guess ‘VERY’!

How simple is the ‘First 8 to 12 Inches’ in this ‘Sweeping Putter Take Away’? How quiet are your ‘Elbows, Forearms, Wrists and Hand Triangles’? Thus, how stable is this event? ‘VERY’!

All too seldom brilliant and current minds cross our paths somewhat unnoticed, especially by today’s less curious and unread masses? Mr. Will Rogers is surely one of those bright stars that flashed across our intellectual heavens.

He wrote …

  1. “I guess there is nothing that will get your mind off everything like ‘Golf’. I have never been depressed enough to take up the game, but they say you can get so sore at yourself you forget to hate your enemies.”
  2. “Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Sound applicable to your ‘Course Management’? Good if we learn from our experience!

‘Lateral Movement’ is better-known as ‘Sway & Slide’ … sway being to the Brace Side and slide being to the Target Side. Lateral is generally detrimental!

Envision a ‘Plumb Blob’ (Clubhead & String or Shaft) moving back and forth from its Fulcrum or Pivot Point. It touches the ground at the very same place every completed trip or cycle.

‘Lateral Spinal Movement’, in either direction, creates a ‘Net Effective Ball Location’ or BOSA anomaly. We all know fully-well what a too far forward or too far aft Ball Location means … THIN! If we make corrective compensations, (Pivot Alterations such as ‘Forward Inclination’ and increased ‘Knee Flex’) the outcome might become FAT. (see ‘Sit Down Tendency’)

How important is one’s eyesight in the ‘Game Of Golf’? Have you tried to hit golf balls blind-folded? I had a college room-mate who was totally blind. I helped him to learn how to hit solid golf balls and to actually play the game. Suppose I was his ‘Seeing Eye Dog’. We had fun!

Once I taught him ‘The 5 Set-Ups’ and thoroughly explained what ‘The 5 Essential Elements’ were and why the were important, he got independent very quickly. All I had to do was to get him properly measured to the ball (‘Sweet Spot to the Bottom Inside Cheek’) and Archie was soon making reliable contact.

I would explain what club I had pulled and why, followed by establishing the proper ‘Alignment’. His sense of ‘Where The Little White Ball’ was located was soon masterfully reliable and enjoyable. A primary ‘Bullet Proof Skill Drill’ was quite simply ‘Brushing The Grass’ with speed.