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“Oh No!”

Being professionally disciplined, always accomplish your ‘Pre-Shot Routine’ as well as your ‘Post-Shot Routine’. We must know what we are going to do as well as what we have done.

Always strive to ‘Fix It Fast’ in the simplest manor possible. Keep it simple and execute!

A ‘Push Shot’ is a ball flight that goes to the Low Energy Side of the Target Line primarily due to a ‘Clubhead Path Error.’ A ‘Push Cut Shot’ is the same error but with an added ‘Open Clubface’ that induces a required ‘Side Spin Rate’ in the direction of the ‘Push’.

‘Push, Push, Path’ Corrections:

  1. Adjust your Clubface Aim. Know where the ‘Initial Ball Flight Line’ is located and plan on directing your energy there.
  2. Adjust your ‘Clubhead Path’ Know where your ‘Intermediate Target Point’ is and direct your energy there.
  3. Make sure your ‘Stance’ (Target Foot Open Aim) is accomplished. This is to ensure that your ‘Pivot Pressure’ (Power Load) can easily ‘Release’. (see ‘ALSDR’ - Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release)
  4. ‘Ball Location’ moved one or two ball widths forward will provide slightly more time to ‘Square Up The Clubface Aim’ at ‘Release’

Simplicity Solves Complexity


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