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Conservative or moderate ‘Stress’ can be used as an asset! It is really a net gain for golfers and ‘Hikers On The Trails Of Life’… courageous or timid. Stress often activates performance.

Stress builds resilience. Our brains are equipped and tempered to see and manage ‘The Stresses Of Change’. Let us open a door to our wilderness world and invite what might initially be a skeptical guest? Could be YOU.

To do the best we can do, we must become competent in making and accepting changes regardless of magnitude. We must be able to make them on short notice. This requires that we are spontaneously open-minded and flexible. We must commit to a multidimensional flight plan!

Your ‘555 Golf System’ and environment invites and supports good growth elements for all of us. “How? you ask. By gaining knowledge followed by its predictable application. A ‘Mega-Method’ is the dedicated use of our proven ‘Pre-Shot Routine’. (PSR) Your 555 Team often refers to this as ‘Check-Listing’. Do you ‘Check-List your Short Game’?

We must develop ‘Resilient Musculature’ as well as fast-acting and potent psychological fleet-footedness. Resilience must be learned. It is not a birth-right or casual gift. One must learn how to nourish curiosity and open-mindedness … humility, reverence and gratitude. Golf loves this!

We humans often miss opportunities to daily embrace the elements of ‘Stress Management’ and thus miss opportunity and pleasure. That includes successful GOLF with improving scores!

Do not make cowardly excuses for lack of accurate action. Get up off your glutes and go practise your growing ‘555 Golf’ skills. You will feel good and learn that golf and life are your parade!


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