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What is this ‘Transition’ topic? It means to ‘Shift’ or move from one point to another. Your ‘555 Team’ also refers to this mechanical element as the ‘Lateral Bump or Shift’ which occurs between the Top Of Back Swing (TOB) and initiation of the Front Swing. It is a subtle shift in your ‘Hip Girdle’ (Core) towards the ‘Far Target’. We generally have a ‘Shift’ in our simple ‘Ambulation’ or walking process. The ‘Lower Body Machine’ mass has to have a starting point whereby it shifts towards a destination with every cycle or step. (see and feel ‘Skipping Rocks’)

Set-Up with your magical ‘Impact Fix’ whereby we know the ‘Impact & Separation Zones Components & Procedures’ are located so as to be able to do work to that target end.

After you make your ‘Sweeping Back & Up, Turn & Lift’ move to the ‘TOB’ (Swing Sequence #5), you will naturally tend to lift your ‘Target Heel’ very slightly off the ground. You will recognize this up-shift in heel position. It happens before your ‘Lever Assemblies’ (Triangles) physically reach ‘TOB’. As soon as this heel up occurs, consciously step-down firmly on this same Target Heel. The ‘Down Force’ movement creates the ‘Lateral Bump or Transition’. It shifts gears (Body Mass) from Back Swing to Front Swing.

Stepping down on your ‘Target Heel’ starts the ‘Hip Girdle’ forward, back and up. It drops the Brace Elbow into the ‘Connection Slot’. From this ‘Power-Connection’ the entire ‘Lever Assembly Triangle’ starts to release and ‘Bull-Whip’, with great velocity through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. You will feel how ‘Brace Foot Pressure’ creates the speed that makes ‘The Little White Ball’ compress and go away! After this ‘Restitution’, the ‘Target Hip’ will move back and up with 85% to 95% of your mass ‘Posted’ on top of your femur. (see ‘Tap Your Brace Toe’ It will prove total ‘Weight Shift’ and complete Golf Body release)

Enjoy the dynamics and balance!


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