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There is an endless ‘Global Variation’ in specs. Then there is a consistent variation between the manufacturers for a myriad of reasons, including just wanting their #6 Iron to go farther, to generate more ‘Carry’ than the other guy. Oriental manufacturers are notorious for ‘Strong Lofting’ … #7 Irons that carry as far as most #6 Irons! It could include powdered deer antler or bear claw?

We hear golfers telling fellow players how they “Replaced their #3, #4 and #5 Irons” with a #3 (21 Loft), #4 (24 Loft) and #5 Hybrid Irons (27 Loft). What is the difference between standard Irons and Hybrid Irons? Are they the same Length, Loft and Lie? Seldom if ever! Hybrid Irons have similar ‘Sole Length’ and thus ‘Bounce’ characteristics as ‘Fairway Metals’. They appreciate some ‘Down Force’ or ‘Pinch Tendency’ to launch the ball. You do not want to strive to ‘Lift The ball Off The Grass’ with Irons, Hybrids or Fairway Metals’. “There Is No Up In Your Front Swing unless you like thin or topped!”

What are significant differences in Clubhead Design? There are a lot of ‘Length Variations’, ‘Loft Variations’, some ‘Lie Variations’ and some ‘Dead Weight or Swing Weight Variation’. Center Of Mass and ‘Sweet Spots’ move around. Let’s not get too deeply into these areas right here.

Let’s consider the distinct difference between Metal Woods and Irons. Your Driver (I), III, V and VII Woods have significantly deeper soles (Front To Back and thus more Bounce … less tendency to ‘Dig’). This is a big ‘Fairway Metal’ advantage. They like Clubhead Speed and the ability to ‘Bounce or Skip Off The Grass or Fairway Sand’. A ‘Global Standard for a Driver’ is I/10 degrees of ‘Loft’; III/15 degrees; V/20 degrees; VII/25 degrees and IX/30 degrees. Metal Woods are longer than your Irons. Thus, they generate more Clubhead Speed and Distance. You will have to recalibrate your bag carry! (CAD)

Let us look at the #3 Iron (20-21 degrees), #4 Iron (24-25 degrees) and the #5 Iron (28-29 degrees). Sometimes the Clubhead Loft Splits are only 3 degrees instead of 4 degrees, especially in the longer clubs. Be aware that your set generally has ‘Uniform or Progressive Splits’. Your Wedges are usually a great example … PW/48, AW/52, SW/56 and LW/60 degrees. (4 Degree Splits) #9 Iron (44), #8 Iron (40) and #7 Iron (36 degrees). Strive to generate distances with ‘Club Selection’ and not muscle. (one Full Swing with multiple clubs or tools is very efficient and smart!)

Your clubs should generate ‘Consistency’ while you ‘Body Clocked Speed’. How would you like to play ‘One Clubbers’? We did this at our golf properties … carry a #5 Iron ONLY! No Putter and No Driver!


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