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You have heard your ‘555 Team’ discuss an interesting topic … ‘What and Where Is The Source of the Mighty Mississippi River?’ This is a good Google task. Enter the question in your Task Bar and see what comes up. You will very likely have to search multiple watersheds and rivers to get from genesis to the Caribbean and Gulf Of Mexico end of this massive drainage system.

How does this relate to ‘The Golf Swing’? From the most micro Putt to the biggest driver rip, the motion and energy has to start from some very small yet well defined, three-dimensional point in Earth’s space. The ‘Golf Swing’ has it few ounces of energy which evolve and expand into ‘Foot Pounds and Horsepower’, which is delivered to ‘The Bottom Inside Cheek’ (BIC), the Ballistic Point of the Golf Ball. Today’s technology enables this happening to be observed, evaluated and quantified. There have been some discoveries!

The Source of the Human Golf Mississippi River is the Brace Big Toe. This governs the loading and unloading of ‘Rotational or Pivot Pressure and Energy’. The progression is to ‘Brace Foot Pre-Load and thence to ‘Brace Leg Drive’. All this is focused or based on ‘Earthly Resistance’. We have to load against and to push off of ‘The Big Blue-Green Planet’ to make the ‘Little White Ball Go Away’.

When you ‘Deliver & Release’ (see ALSDR - The Power Line Delivery Sequence) your physiology shall support your ‘Golf-ish desire to do work and have FUN in the process.

Remember, the golf front swing (The Down & Out Swing) is mechanically ‘From The Ground Up and From The Inside Out’, Hence your ‘Golfing Mississippi River’. Of course, the Back & Up Swing is the ‘Flip Side’ of this mechanical melody … ‘From The Top Down and From The Outside-In’. Time for you to take a ‘Slow Motion Swing Feel’?

‘Keep Basic Understanding Basic’!

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