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We know that the Clubhead and Shaft ‘ORBIT’ like the moon around Earth. The Earth revolves around the Sun. We might feel that we are our own ‘Golf Solar System’s with 14 moons or clubs in our bag?

It is useful to think of the ‘Clubhead’s Orbiting’ around our ‘Sternal Spinal Core’ somewhat as a gyroscope does around its North South or vertical axis? Our 555 Golf ‘Tetherball Concept’ is properly envisioned and referenced. The Tether Ball is our ‘Clubhead’. The Club Shaft is our ‘Tether Ball Rope’. The fixed or stationery Pole is our ‘Stable Human Spinal Column’ or ‘Pivot Axis’. I suspect you might be familiar with the commonly referred to ‘Hoola Hoop’ inclined orbital analogy (training aid) placed over our shoulders on an ‘Inclined Plane’. Useful!

Our shafts have a ‘Plane’ at all times, especially at The Top Of Back & Up Swing’. (TOB) If you shoot a laser beam out of the Hole in the Butt of the Grip, it will strike the ground at a certain point. The line created is called the ‘SS #5 Shaft Plane’. It is created by the ‘Human Sternal Axis’ along with the attachment of the two ‘Lever Assemblies’ (Hands, Wrists, Arms & Club’).

This ‘Arm Plane’ can be Shallow, Neutral or Steep / Deep, depending how you ‘Set-Up’. The utilized ‘Swing Plane’ should be ‘Kinetically Neutral’ (as Set-Up) but can be directly more manipulated if one desires.

Our ‘Laser Beam’ concept is productive. It can help us accomplish a proper, effective and ‘Neutral Plane’. Again, at TOF (Swing Sequence #5) the laser beam should shine about on the Target Line’. Imagine this beam of light. It is useful to know that the beam theoretically shines out of the Clubhead Shaft end of our golf tools as well! Thus, your Clubhead Tip end light should also shine roughly on the Target Line through ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ … ‘Bottom Half of the Swing Circle’. One end of the club shaft is pointing at ‘The Baseline Of The Plane’ at all times except when horizontal to the ground. (see ‘5 Location and Times during the entire ‘Clubhead Trip’)

When the shaft stays on the ‘Big Hoola Hoop’, you are ‘On Plane’ and under control.

Do a dozen ‘Slow Motion Swing Drills’ and you shall definitely feel this physical reality!


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